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Naming and shaming those accused of drunk driving

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    Naming and shaming those accused of drunk driving

    Durham Regional Police’s name and shame program for impaired driving may be gaining legs with some GTA law agencies and is being discredited by others.

    “It’s one of the tools we use to discourage drinking and driving. We have no statistics to point to say how effective it is, but these are serious criminal charges and we have been asked to release names. So we do,” said Durham police spokesman Dave Selby.

    Durham posts the names of drivers who are charged with impaired driving on its website.

    “Since we have been publishing on the website, we have had a number of calls from neighbours of people who are on suspension (for impaired offences) that they are getting behind the wheel.”

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    This kinda shit makes my anti-authoritarian blood boil. I’ve personally known 2 people who have been randomly caught and arrested by the RIDE program for being just a tick above the legal limit.  They lost their drivers licenses, and consequently one lost his job, his house, his marriage and become unemployable for years. So now to make things even worse you can be snitched on by anyone who would otherwise not likely know.

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  • arikara (877 posts)
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    1. This is just people who are accused and not convicted?

    Hey… what’s wrong with putting them in stocks and getting people to throw tomatoes at them. Or better still save money on a court case and just string ’em up.

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    2. The thing is – many drivers are NOT "impaired" . . . .

    just over the legal limit – “over.080” as it reads on documents.

    Sadly, I can speak from numerous experiences in my past, that although I had been fined and convicted, as well as loss of driving privileges of “over .080” numerous times, 

    the “driving while impaired” charge WAS ALWAYS DROPPED!

    They did no tests as to my ability to drive – just the measurement of booze in my system.

    Mind you, in my own scenarios, I was WAY over the limit, nonetheless – 

    no tests were made as to my actual ability to drive safely.

    Most of us of any number of years know that some are noticeably “impaired” after a single drink or two, while others can consume a fair bit without any noticeable lack of functions.

    Anyways – I haven’t drank and drove since 1995 when I damn near killed myself by passing out at the wheel, severing a telephone pole and totaling my vehicle.

    Believe it or not, I beat the charges (poor evidence taken by the officers), but the images of the accident, and the transformer dangling from the broken pole directly over the cab of my truck convinced me to never drink and drive again. Won’t even have one drink b4 driving now.

    Well, except when I’m tooting around the trails on my own property . . . .




    Why is it when we get older, we can remember the tiniest details from our youth, but not where we put our reading glasses 30 seconds ago?
    • Shlabotnik (580 posts)
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      3. Completely agree.

      .08 is a ridiculous metric, I’m shocked that it has never been found unconstitutional, just as random roadside breathalyzer traps. The sad part is that to neo-liberal politicians (accepting money and photo-ops from MADD Canada), increasing punitive measures against drinking and driving are convenient low hanging fruit, that serve as a distraction from their utter inaction on matters of greater substance.

      From my own experience, I have certainly in the past driven over the ‘legal’ limit, but been 100% sober, and I’ve been pretty lucky, some of my friends and neighbors: not so much.  Unfortunately the urbanite, limousine liberal warriors have no idea that losing ones license while self employed, and/or living in a rural area is pretty much a life ending scenario for many.

      I’m glad you made it though, and are with us now. But as you say, it was you that made the decision to no longer drink and drive on public streets. In other words, heavy handed – ‘tough on crime’ measures, like usual failed to be a deterrent.


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