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National security consultation opens door to repealing Bill C-51

  • Shlabotnik (591 posts)
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    National security consultation opens door to repealing Bill C-51

    National security consultation opens door to repealing Bill C-51 but framing of issues raises concerns

    After over 18 months of campaigning, it looks like Canadians finally have a chance to repeal Bill C-51. On September 8, Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale and Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould launched a wide-ranging public consultation on C-51 and other privacy and security issues.

    However, advocates are expressing concerns about the wording of the consultation, which appears far more focused on addressing the concerns of the police rather than the needs of the public. Questions have also been raised about whether the government will actually follow through and repeal Bill C-51 when Canadians tell it that’s what they want.

    This consultation is a huge opportunity for Canadians to ensure a future where all of us can experience privacy and security online. Sadly, 300,000 people called for this consultation, but the government does not appear to have addressed it to them. Instead, their language focuses on the concerns of police rather than the needs of Canadians. We worry Ministers Goodale and Wilson-Raybould don’t quite know their target audience.

    Much of this consultation reads like it’s been written by police for police. Many of the issues are framed in a highly one-sided way that ignores the reasons why the public is so concerned about Bill C-51 in the first place, notably its impact on the health of our democracy. That said, this consultation is a step in the right direction and we’ll be encouraging as many Canadians as possible to take part.

    The rest at:  http://rabble.ca/blogs/bloggers/openmediaca/2016/09/national-security-consultation-opens-door-to-repealing-bill-c-51-


    I have a feeling this will end even worse than the pipeline consultations that allowed private lobbying time with well-heeled former government officials. These ‘Consultations’, just like (I’m smiling, and nodding my head but not-) ‘listening tours’ are a stunt.

    Good lord, just wait until Bill Blair, (of all people), holds one of these shams about legalizing marijuana. SMH

    ~ All Good things are Wild and Free ~

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  • arikara (882 posts)
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    1. Justin is managing to out Obama

    Obama. Seriously, everyone had such high hopes for both of them, and they turned out to offer nothing more than their pretty faces.

    Its going to take a revolution to get rid of the party in charge.