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Trudeau’s China Trip Sparks Fears of Bad Deal for Workers

  • arikara (882 posts)
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    Trudeau’s China Trip Sparks Fears of Bad Deal for Workers

    Beijing’s trade agreement with Australia allows Chinese companies to use their own workers. Is Canada next?

    As Prime Minister Justin Trudeau makes his first official visit to China, critics fear the government’s eagerness to sign a free trade agreement with Beijing could lead to a bad deal for Canadian workers.

    That’s what happened when Australia signed a free trade agreement with China last year, warns Andrew Dettmer, national president of the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union.

    The China-Australia Free Trade Agreement gave Chinese enterprises the right to bring in an unlimited number of workers for major projects, the union says.

    “An agreement like ChAFTA is a road to ruin for Canadian jobs,” Dettmer told The Tyee. “It won’t provide anything by way of advantage to Canadian industry.”



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  • Shlabotnik (593 posts)
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    1. Trudeau and his party

    had no qualms with jumping on board with Harper’s FIPA. I fear for the worst with this hopey-changy fraudster.

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