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Without any mandate, Trudeau pushes privatization

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    Without any mandate, Trudeau pushes privatization

    Last week, Justin Trudeau pushed his privatization plan even farther. He’s now going well beyond anything considered by any previous Canadian government. He’s closing in on Donald Trump.

    Don’t believe it? Believe it.

    A month ago he asked investment bank Credit Suisse if Canadian airports should be privatized. No Canadian government has ever considered this.

    Last week Trudeau asked investment banker Morgan Stanley for an opinion on privatizing 18 Canadian ports. Another first.

    And also last week Trudeau held a closed-door “summit” with some of the world’s biggest investment funds from Canada, United States, China, Abu Dhabi, Qatar and elsewhere. The event was hosted by Wall Street behemoth BlackRock, famous for its iShares brand. BlackRock is the world’s biggest asset manager, weighing in at $5 trillion.

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    Tell Trudeau: Privatization is a Dead End

    P3s: pay more, get less
    Trudeau in a meeting with health care privatization pioneer Philippe Couillard.
    Back in 2014, Justin Trudeau announced that he is a major supporter of Public-Private Partnerships (P3s), a method of using private financing for public projects like highways, hospitals and schools.

    In case after case, we’ve seen P3 projects generate massive cost overruns and fail completely. Billions of taxpayer dollars have lined the pockets of private financiers

    …Snip..While P3 groups anticipate a “windfall”, Liberals are indicating that a lot of that will go to P3s. Because privatization isn’t popular, they’re using different words.

    Asset recycling, for example, is a new word for the same old privatization. Assets that could be recycled — which is to say, privatized — include ports, roads, utilities, office buildings and even defence infrastructure. Liberals have already floated trial balloons about selling off airports.

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    1. Trudeau is starting to out-harper Harper.

    He’s proving to be quite the despicable little prick.