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10 Countries That Grow the World’s Best Weed

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      1. Mexico
      As a matter of fact, the origin of the word “marihuana” comes from Mexico. Therefore, you know the country has to have some good ganja.

      Some of the best strains include Mexican Sativa, Chronic, and Kush. Although Americans think you can only score dirt weed in Mexico, there’s quite a bit of variety, some of which is excellent.

      2. Jamaica
      Of course, Jamaica has top-notch herb. After all, this is where the infamous Bob Marley was born and raised.

      Not to mention, Jamaica’s sparkling waters and ideal temperatures is perfect for growing cannabis. Indeed, the island’s climate allows for three growing cycles to produce some of the finest weed in the world.

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      Back in the early 70’s Jamaican weed wasn’t much better than Mexican dirt weed.  Mexican was ten dollars and Jamaican was fifteen dollars an ounce.  Both were just weed.  When Columbian weed hit the scene it was a whole new ballgame with Columbian Gold at twenty dollar an ounce with a far better high!

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