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4 Ways To Clean Your Grinder Without Losing Your Kief

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      Anyone who has ever owned a grinder understands the feeling of that super sticky goodness getting stuck between the blades. I’ve lost many grinders to the unforgiving sticky icky. I’ve also learned the best ways to clean them.

      We asked, we tested and we Googled the best methods for cleaning your grinder while saving the kief. If you’re tired of breaking up your weed with your fingers, picking out the stems, and hoping for the best then you’re an OG who deserves a clean grinder.

      As much as we love having all that sticky shit on our fingers, the definition of finger-lickin’ good, it is best to just use a grinder, why? Well, hygiene for one, obviously, and for the kief. I am a huge fan of kief, to me, it is the underdog.

      Kief is great to add a bit of punch to joints and bowl and if you’re up for it, you make your own hash or your own weed moon rocks. Whatever it is, you need to know how to get the maximum kief from your grinder.

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      (Electric coffee grinder) for anything. But it’s beyond cleaning most likely. Will keep using it though.

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