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Can anybody give a short "feminized seeds" lesson?

  • Jan Boehmermann (4220 posts)
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    Can anybody give a short "feminized seeds" lesson?

    Are they worth paying extra?  100% female plants?

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  • zoolook67 (627 posts)
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    1. I've used nothing else for many years.

    100% female yes!

    Living well is the best revenge.
  • potisok (25 posts)
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    2. "After all, it's only a weed that turns to a flower in your mind" THOMAS BENTON

    Only  problem I have had is, one seed variety produced hermaphrodite babies.

    The below link is the best answer I found when I had the same question. 

    Good fast way to get a mother for cloning, find something I like I go for clones.



    • chknltl (333 posts)
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      3. I used to make "hermes" deliberately.

      Back in the mid ’90s i used to deliberately stress out a young plant from one of my fave strains in hopes of it including a few male flowers later on during bud cycle.

      When i got such flowers i would sprinkle what pollen i could on a fave female from a different strain in hopes of getting seeds.

      Not sure where i first came across how to do that, (probably from Marc Emory in one of his Cannibus Culture mags), but i did wind up with a lot of ‘feminized’ seeds over the years.

      Sadly most of these seeds produced junk and a WHOLE LOT of hermaphrodites, (hermes), but i did get a couple of new keeper strains of which i still have one going today!

      I named her Snowhite, a strain that came out way before the one also named Snowhite came out down in California.

      My Snowhite could go 8-9 weeks in bud cycle and produce a blistering mind-high but most folks prefered it when i harvested her at 7 weeks because the high was very unique.

      7 week old Snowhite’s high is incredibly energising. It makes you want to get up off the couch and go do stuff! Many of my clients back then were (frisbee) disc golfers so they loved this property of my Snowwhite.

      These are interesting times we live in. Back when i was experimenting with creating new strains of pot, i lived as covertly as a Jew in Nazi Germany…, because i live in Washington State i can openly talk about pot and my relationship with her in open forums.


      • potisok (25 posts)
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        4. These are interesting times we live in, so true

        Moved to Colorado to escape the madness of the home state, life has improved, I never believed I would see legalized recreational pot in my life time, been wrong most of my life but it was a pleasant surprise.  I am allowed to grow six plants, 3 flowering and three vegetative stage, lucky enough to be married to a wonderful wife, so it sort of doubles.  Have a friend who choose to grow 19 plants (another state), did 7 years because he walked into his patch, not around it, also because its against the law.

        Your Snowwhite sounds much like my Gigi in buzz similarities. Gigi is a mutant from a bag I got several years ago, had a few hermaphrodite seeds in it and was good pot, so of course I had  plant them. Have kept my mother alive for several years now and when I smoke it ” makes me feel good”. I am a chronic the hemphog kind of regular pot smoker and have been for almost 50 years, have shared Gigi with several other chronic kind of folk and its a favorite. Proud of her and have tried to feminize some of her clones on three different occasions with colloidal silver and failed. Have a few seed from when one of her clones, who was left hidden in my grape vines outside for too long, hope it was stress and not a male in the neighbor hood.

        My mother is getting old and starting to loose the good, still better than most but slipping.

        Thanks for the information. Who knows what the future holds, I may be in Bellevue to visit a friend later this year, our paths may cross.   Peace


        • chknltl (333 posts)
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          5. Maybe another mother?

          (This is lengthy, sorry for that).

          I am far from expert on this topic but what my step daughter used to do with her strains was to use one room for mothers only.

          She kept a few strains with 2 or 3 mothers per strain and take her clones from them. When a mother started getting spindly or showed too many 3 fingered leaves, a good clone was taken from the best mother from that strain and turned into the replacement for the aging one.

          I run things differntly. I generally have 4 favorite strains, right now they are Sour Diesel, Dutch Treat, Burmese and my Snowhite.

          I am not using mothers at all, instead i take multiple clones from each plant prior to switching my lights over to bud cycle. Clones are taken from the top area of the plant and always include the very top as well.

          I’ve heard that my system is highly prone to genetic(?) drift. I dunno, i can not tell any great difference between my plants and my step-kids when we run the same strains but again I am no expert.

          Treat this as an inexpert bit of further thinking but if i were in your shoes and concerned about losing my favorite strain because the mother was looking bad i would take the best looking clones i could from her. I would share some of these clones with trusted fellow growers with the understanding i could get fresh ones back somewheres down the road if needsbe. Doing this imo, eliminates the likelyhood that I was personally responsible for that strain starting to go bad.

          With the rest of the clones i would make sure they had the very best i could provide for them singling two or three out as replacement mothers.

          An added note:

          I have had periods when my operation slowly deteriorated to the point of hardly being viable. Every time the problem was traced back to ME to something i should have easily known about. Never was it some external environmental factor beyond my control.

          The latest example was where my plants all showed signs of early yellowing of the leaves and the buds all started tasting like crap. Worse yet i would get this headachy hangover from smoking them! Was it something new in my water? Was it something new in my fertalizer? I was pulling my hair out trying to figure wtf!

          Then a freind came over and noted that the humidity felt WAY to high. Here i am, the guy that can walk into a room and smell when a plant has grey mold, can spot mite issues before they become issues, can feel powdery mildow on a leaf with my eyes closed and yet i missed the obvious fact that my humidity was retardedly high! Of course it felt high, of course my meter was busted, of course the dehumidifier was sitting in the corner not doing squat!

          My point being is that it may be something you are missing that is causing problems with your mother….or it may be that you are right in thinking the mother is getting old.

          I hope that you are able to save your strain. Big Agriculture is looking to eventually squeeze us out….but they don’t yet have our strains. In my case, if they want my Snowhite they will pay dearly for her….if you want her maybe we will chat when you come this way.

          • potisok (25 posts)
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            6. Agree 100%

            Most of my life when I have problems, I find myself in the end to be the cause. The plant is three this fall and still viable for clones, in fact have recently cut her way back. The problem is she was started in a six inch rock wool cube, lived in an ebb and flow type of system all her life, yes due to me and the grow space she has, it has at times been a traumatic life for her. After I am satisfied with current clones (days old) will be moving her to DWC. When I say she’s slipping, had saved a few choice buds of the first Gigi harvest and for celebration type thing recently started my day with one, it was so mmmm. “Smoke a joint in the morning and the day will be your friend”. Could be the age or cure or 100’s of other variables, her children are still my go to, currently have some Old Thia, Ghost Train and Diesel from my last grow to choose from also, grown from feminized seed. Opp’s that what this thread was about, we have sort of wandered away from that. Will pm you later on, would enjoy chatting a bit more out of the world’s eye, NSA will always watch, but then again pretty sure someone has been watching for a long time before they were named, just getting better at it. peace