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Can anybody give a short "feminized seeds" lesson?

  • Jan Boehmermann (2493 posts)
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    Can anybody give a short "feminized seeds" lesson?

    Are they worth paying extra?  100% female plants?

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  • zoolook67 (534 posts)
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    1. I've used nothing else for many years.

    100% female yes!

    Living well is the best revenge.
  • potisok (23 posts)
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    2. "After all, it's only a weed that turns to a flower in your mind" THOMAS BENTON

    Only  problem I have had is, one seed variety produced hermaphrodite babies.

    The below link is the best answer I found when I had the same question.


    Good fast way to get a mother for cloning, find something I like I go for clones.