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Cannabis and blood pressure

  • BlueAK (1813 posts)
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    Cannabis and blood pressure

    I’ve been under a bit of stress lately, what with my husband’s heart attack in October, and my grown child and her boyfriend staying with us for a few months since they moved back to AK.  They haven’t been able to accumulate much $ yet, so we’re the “bank.”  Anyway, long story short, my BP has jumped up to the 140 to 160 range, which is very high for me, but I notice after just a few tokes, it drops back down to 130-135.   Has anyone else experienced this?

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  • LiberalArkie (4140 posts)
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    1. It probably will, but check your heart rate. It makes my heart rate go up.

    What drops my BP more than anything is garlic bread. But the pot may make you more mellow to the kids. Put them to work around the house.

    • BlueAK (1813 posts)
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      4. Yes, I noticed the heart rate went up

      but not alarmingly.  My heart rate is usually pretty slow, about the same now as before my blood pressure started elevating.  The bottom number is well within normal range, it’s just the top one that’s gone up.  The kids are both working, so there’s not a whole lot they can do around here besides keep their area downstairs together, which they’ve been doing, so no extra cleaning for me, just cooking a little more, etc.  Hopefully by February or so they’ll have enough money saved to get their own place (and maybe start paying us back – hope, hope).   I’m happy to have them back up here since the rest of the family is in the L48 and we’re not getting any younger, but it does impinge on our privacy a bit.

      • LiberalArkie (4140 posts)
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        7. I think it is the privacy thing that makes the BP go up in most people.

  • zoolook67 (626 posts)
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    2. Long time toker here – never a BP problem.

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  • Satan (3156 posts)
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    3. Probably depends on a few things.

    If you smoke the weed, the act of smoking itself might actually raise your blood pressure a little. then it could drop a bit as the effects kick in. So for a net loss in blood pressure, edibles might be better than sparking up. As LiberalArkie says though, garlic is actually more effective for blood pressure, so for best results, cook some pasta sauce with both.


    And of course, the indica is more relaxing than the sativa, so it all depends on the strain.

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    • BlueAK (1813 posts)
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      5. The bud I've been growing inside for 10 or 12 years.

      It started from hybrid seeds – something called white lightning, which was a white widow and northern lights #5 (?) cross.  But I’ve let it seed a few times, so now who knows what it is.  Whatever, it works.  :). It’s probably mostly indica by now because the plants are relatively short, four feet or so.

      The shops are just starting to open up here after we passed the marijuana initiative in 2012 or whenever it was, so maybe I’ll try some edibles.

      And I buy garlic at Costco, so I’ve got a lot.  LOL.

      • Sadie (3069 posts)
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        13. Make butter

        and eat a small amount daily.   White widow is very good for pain in the butter/edible form.

        This article says that it is good for lowering BP.


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  • elias39 (4438 posts)
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    6. I'm a lifelong smoker – who has become really fond of edibles!

    The relaxation lasts so much longer! And edibles are also completely discrete – well unless you get silly – so there’s less concern about who’s in the house, who might be coming by, etc/

    My BP has always been pretty good. Probably mostly lucky genes but I think marijuana truly does help adjust blood pressure.

    Why not grab a cookie and a decaf. And chill for the evening?

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  • Haikugal (6810 posts)
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    8. I'd like to….it's music to MY ears! Good on ya Blue, in every way possible.

  • Jan Boehmermann (4453 posts)
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    9. Yes. Blood pressure drops slightly.

    But if you are in the high BP range (160) you may still need other BP meds.

    • BlueAK (1813 posts)
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      10. I'm trying to avoid meds if I can.

      I’ve always had low blood pressure until recently – and I’m 70 years old, so I’m hoping this is just situational.

  • Jan Boehmermann (4453 posts)
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    11. Cannabis definitely lowers blood pressure…. Mayo Clinic

    Mayo Clinic warns that….”Marijuana may cause low blood pressure. Caution is advised in people who have blood pressure disorders or those taking drugs or herbs and supplements that lower blood pressure.”

    I wish we could get more answers on which cannabinoids are responsible for the lowering of blood pressure.

    In Colorado there were doctors who were knowledgeable about the medical applications of cannabis.  I don’t know if that is the case in AK.

    Get a good quality BP testing machine and keep track before and after cannabis intake.  Like you I hate the nasty stuff that is prescribed for high BP.  But on the other hand….. if you can’t control it with exercise (helps in stress reduction), diet , and a bit of cannabis, you should get some medication to control your high BP.  High BP can REALLY mess you up if not controlled.


  • Lord Thomas (2273 posts)
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    12. I know this is an old OP.

    My personal experience is when my BP gets over the roof and I smoke, it only lowers the top number. For instance I’ll be at say 195 smoke and 20 minutes later that will be down to 165. Does absolutely nothing for the bottom number. That’s me personally, YMMV.

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