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Does anyone here have any experience with the new

  • Phlem (640 posts)
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    Does anyone here have any experience with the new

    MMJ laws in Washington state with respect to growing your own plants. I’m pretty sure I qualify but it sounds like you have to be on a state registry and I’m not quite sure I’m OK with that.

    Couldn’t the Fed use that info for any raids? I know that state law enforcement can only check to see of your card is up to date but I can’t find anything about the Federal level.


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  • Punxsutawney (1910 posts)
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    1. No experiance

    While I doubt that the state would willingly hand over the list, the Feds could possibly force the state to hand over the list, either in court or by other means, and as we know, everything can be hacked nowadays. Outside of a hack, I think there would be plenty of warning and publicity, giving you time to dispose of the crop.

    And I doubt even a Jeff Sessions department of justice would waste time with small individual growers though unlike many others I think they will be coming full throttle at states with legalization by all means possible. We have to remember they are there to enforce the laws corporations want (big pharma and alcohol), not the people.  Same here in Oregon with growers and retail outlets, and Oregon records the drivers license # of all who enter a retail outlet, but not medical users. That could create a major employment problem for me for instance if those records were made public. Therefore I would never enter a shop here in Oregon as a recreational user. Prohibition and ignorance and injustice still lives with regards to cannabis…sadly.

    To neoliberals, everyone and everything are disposable. -  Chris Hedges  “The modern conservative is engaged in one of man's oldest exercises in moral philosophy; that is, the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness" - J.K. Galbraith
  • Bearian (395 posts)
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    2. The data base is Voluntary

    Medical Marijuana
    Authorization Database
    Medical marijuana patients with a valid authorization form may join the medical marijuana authorization database and receive their medical marijuana recognition card. Joining the authorization database is voluntary and isn’t required in order to be a medical marijuana patient unless the patient is under the age of 18. However, the medical marijuana recognition card affords the patient many benefits.

    A recognition card holder may
    Purchase products at the medically endorsed retail stores sales-tax free.
    Purchase up to three times the current limits at licensed retail stores with a medical marijuana endorsement.
    Purchase high-THC products–when available.
    Possess six plants and eight ounces of usable marijuana. A healthcare practitioner may authorize additional plants to a maximum of 15; a patient so authorized may possess up to 16 ounces of usable marijuana produced from their plants (see RCW 69.51A.210).
    Participate in a medical marijuana cooperative (see RCW 69.51A.250).
    Have arrest protection (see RCW 69.51A.040).
    How to join the database
    Take your authorization form to any licensed and medically endorsed retail marijuana store (PDF).
    Ask to see the certified medical marijuana consultant on staff who is trained in working with authorized medical marijuana patients.
    Give the consultant your authorization form so that he or she can enter your information into the database, take your picture, and create a new medical marijuana recognition card.
    Pay a $1 fee required from cardholders when their card is created. The medically endorsed store collects the fee and pays it to the Department of Health.