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I had a good harvest this time.

  • BlueAK (1370 posts)
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    I had a good harvest this time.

    Amazingly, out of my several plants that I grew from seeds, they were ALL females.  :).

    My setup is pretty rudimentary, just a small little room in my crawl space with shop lights and a couple 120 W grow lights, but I got almost five oz. this time.  That should keep me going for a couple of weeks.  :)

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  • Jan Boehmermann (2802 posts)
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    1. Say, Hallelujah!

  • elias39 (2579 posts)
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    2. Yikes! A couple of weeks?

    Well you DO have those long-ass days don’t you? What else ya gonna do with all that up-time??

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    • BlueAK (1370 posts)
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      3. Actually, more like 10 months.

      LOL.  An ounce usually lasts a couple months.
      • litlbilly (24 posts)
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        4. I grew 2 indica plants last june,

        We have a good setup with 1k lighting etc.    Yeilded almost 1/2 lb of pure buds and since I don’t really smoke it, I was able

        to make 42 grams of pure RSO.  It will last for a long time and the medical side of this stuff is just amazing:)  I may do it again this year since I have all the stuff I need to do it.

        • BlueAK (1370 posts)
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          5. Light makes all the difference.

          I can’t use anything too big or bright because my grow room is small and only about four and a half feet high (it’s in my crawl space).  My room would get too hot with that much wattage and the plants would burn up.  I guess now that we’re “legal” here, I could grow in a spare room, but I like that there’s not much variation in my electric bill using shop lights.

          • litlbilly (24 posts)
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            6. I had trouble with the heat, i had to put an AC unit in my shop

            that’s where I grew them.   Since I have my own wood shop, I was able to keep an eye on them everyday.

            But I agree, the better the light, the better the results.   Had even more trouble getting the ph right in the soil but, in the end they came out better than expected.

  • B Calm (752 posts)
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    7. Never thought about growing in my crawl space!

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  • cui bono (926 posts)
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    8. We're going to be legal here soon but being a home owner I'm afraid

    of the Feds. Really don’t want to lose the house, it’s almost paid off!

    Plus, I use so little, it’s easier to buy it at a dispensary. I’d like to learn more about oils though, and my friend’s mom makes butter with it for muscle relaxation, which would be nice.

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  • trashcancarla (9 posts)
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    9. Yes