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Oklahoma quickly becoming medical marijuana hotbed

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      OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — The rollout of statewide medical and recreational marijuana programs typically is a grindingly slow process that can take years. Not so in Oklahoma, which moved with lightning speed once voters approved medical cannabis in June.

      The ballot question received 57 percent support and established one of the nation’s most liberal medical pot laws in one of the most conservative states. Six months later, the cannabis industry is booming.

      Farmers and entrepreneurs are racing to start commercial grow operations, and the state is issuing licenses to new patients, growers and dispensary operators at a frantic pace. Retail outlets opened just four months after legalization.

      By contrast, voters in North Dakota, Ohio and neighboring Arkansas approved medical pot in 2016 but have yet to see sales begin amid legal wrangling and legislative meddling.

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      on the other horn, North Dakota already has the one thing that other states with legal weed WISH they had, and that’s a state bank. The most interesting thing about legalization in ND would be to see how they handle that side of the issue. Because cannabis remains illegal under Federal law, Corporate banks insured by the FDIC are afraid to do business with the weed industry, even though it’s completely legal in the states where they operate. Some of those states have tried to get their own state banks, but none have succeeded so far..

      As long as the weed shops remain a cash only business due to federal banking paranoia, they also remain a target for robberies. Which of course the “law and order” Republicans would blame on the drugs, not the large amounts of cash handling involved.

      "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable". - John F. Kennedy

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