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Pro-marijuana church active in Alabama: Members tout 'God and cannabis'

  • N2Doc (2506 posts)
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    Pro-marijuana church active in Alabama: Members tout 'God and cannabis'

    With a stained-glass window behind them, a lineup of speakers stepped to the front of the church and talked about the potential health benefits of legalizing plants that are currently outlawed in Alabama.

    “I smoke cannabis on a daily basis for my pain,” said Janice Rushing, president of the Oklevueha Native American Church of Inner Light in Alabama. “If I did not, I’d be on pain pills.”

    Her husband, Christopher Rushing, chief executive officer of Oklevueha Native American Church of Inner Light, says he also uses marijuana routinely.

    The Rushings founded the Oklevueha Church in 2015 and claim that it has a legal exemption for its members to smoke marijuana and ingest hallucinogenic mushrooms and peyote cactus.




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  • Punxsutawney (664 posts)
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    1. I'm all for this

    If nothing else, it should drive the fundies nuts. And there is plenty of history of  religions using psychoactive substances in religious rites and rituals. Protected by the supreme court as well. I wonder if you could use religion to invalidate a drug test.

    There is also the 1st Church of Cannabis.

    Freedom of religion, not just for xtians.


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