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Searching for Alaska's most legendary cannabis strain

  • BlueAK (1693 posts)
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    Searching for Alaska's most legendary cannabis strain

    Interesting story in today’s Alaska Dispatch about the search for original Matanuska Thunderfuck.  I personally haven’t seen any since the ’80s, but the strain may still exist out in the Valley.  I’d love to see it back on the market.  It was an ass-kicker.

    “This isn’t it,” said Roger J. Cobb, looking at a marijuana bud between his fingertips.

    Cobb was standing in the rain outside of a Big Lake apartment building, where he’d just been given some marijuana to identify. The question before him: Was this the legendary Alaska cannabis strain Matanuska Thunder F—?

    “Hard to tell,” he said, eyeing it closely. “That don’t look like it though.”

    It smelled too sweet, he said. It was too green.



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  • HawkeyeX (954 posts)
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    1. I came across some Alaskan Thunderfuck at a local dispensary…

    it was a real premium, a CannaCup winning strain.. but that was two years ago, and I don’t know if Natural Remedies still carries it, where I last saw that strain.

  • LuckyDog (640 posts)
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    2. If you find it, let me know

    I likes me some Thunderfuck.

    And some Northern Lights from Vancouver.

    And any Pakalolo from Hawaii like Maui Wowie.

    Short story;  gave some Pakololo to my boss one time.  When I asked him how he liked it he said, “took it out golfing with my buddies, we smoked one bowl on the third tee.  We never made it to the fourth tee.”

  • Jan Boehmermann (4220 posts)
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    3. Some European seed companies advertise …..

    “Matanuska Tundra”  …… Claimed Flowering Time Required: between 62 and 85 days

    I don’t know if this is the genuine MTF  or not.


  • Arctic Dave (1049 posts)
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    4. Why are looking at me? I didn't smoke it!

    Is that the cops!?

    You have any cookies?


    Im going to bed.

  • SageBlue (199 posts)
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    5. I have some well stored seeds

  • potisok (25 posts)
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    6. Belt Buckel

    I once had a brass belt with a large MJ leaf on it and Matanuska Valley Thunderfuck  proudly displayed across the front, later stolen because it was cool. The buckle was brought back from Alaska by a friend after his discharge in 1972, tales were told of the pot’s quality and buzzzzzz. Talked about how large veggies grown there were, cabbages grown in the valley were like basket balls. I have never smoked any myself, but have searched for seeds for awhile, no luck. I did find the following during one of my searches that makes some sense. Best of luck.

    Unknown or Legendary – Matanuska Thunderfuck
    Matanuska Thunder Fuck refers to any good cannabis coming out of the Matanuska Valley in Alaska since the early 70s. If you research the history of Palmer, you will find that it was/is a government agriculture experimental station. The original families who moved here for this experiment had children in Palmer around the 40’s & 50’s that were influenced by the hippie movement and the influx of their kind to the Matanuska-Susitna Valley around the beginning of the 70’s. With the knowledge those children gained, while working with their parents on their family farms growing up, and from the projects they were involved in at the experimental station as college students, and from a few new found hippy friends from the west coast of the US, they began flower-forcing by blacking out greenhouses during the summer. None made clones. They did remove males, and they knew how to prepare the cannabis for market. So with that, people in Alaska started to see some green bud as opposed to imported bud, and it was all coming out of the valley.

  • Enthusiast (10188 posts)
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    7. That was an interesting article. Thanks, Blue.

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