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Stop Wasting Weed: Here’s How To Make Joints Burn Slower

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    An even better idea–switch to a vaporizer designed to handle ground plant material.

    Curing is the stage of cannabis cultivation that directly follows drying. This is when your freshly dried cannabis is stored in air-tight jars for a prolonged period of time, which helps to rid the cannabis of excess substances that affect the way it will smoke. Think of it like the cannabis version of aging wine.

    The length of time in which cannabis flower is cured will affect how slowly and evenly it burns. Uncured or under-cured cannabis may still be too wet to burn properly, meaning you’ll likely end up wasting most of your joint just trying to get it lit. On the other hand, cannabis that is too dry will burn extremely quickly. The trick is finding cannabis that’s cured for just the right amount of time. If you can find well-cured cannabis, your joints are sure to burn more slowly and evenly.

    your joint burns. If you haven’t ground your cannabis enough, for example, the large chunks of cannabis flower will be difficult to light and lead to an extremely uneven smoke. Just like trying to smoke cannabis that’s too moist, if you’re trying to smoke a joint of improperly ground cannabis, you’ll likely waste a lot of the joint just trying to keep it lit. Another problem you may run into is having your joint burn unevenly, where little holes form in the sides of your joint, or where only one side of the joint burns (known as “canoeing”.)

    To grind your cannabis properly, choose a sturdy grinder that evenly grinds your flower so that all of the little bits of cannabis are about the same size. You should be left with a pile of fluffy looking, finely ground cannabis. Just make sure that your cannabis isn’t too finely ground to the point where it looks like powder. If your cannabis is too finely ground, it can also stifle the airflow of your joint. Your ground cannabis shouldn’t resemble little green pebbles, nor fine green sand. Aim for somewhere in-between.

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    My Extreme-Q halved my usage, but making my own tinctures dropped it even more.

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      I’ve found that ingesting works better for me so I make tinctures also. How do you make yours? It’s off topic so maybe you could write a post about how you make your tincture. Just a thought.

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    I just continue to use my one hitter!

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    I just got my Volcano last week.

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    To be honest, I get the best results using a pipe. I just add a pinch, enough for a few hits, and it does the job. I end up consuming much slower with the same benefit: more economical and easier on the body. I just recently finished a purchase from 3 years ago!! I’ve been enjoying The Sacred Ganja for nearly half a century and this method works great for me. Vaping is for stealth only.

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    In my younger years I smoked a ton of weed but cannot handle THC at all anymore. I’ve been purchasing high CBD hemp flower. After all these years I can still roll a mighty fine joint.

    My son never smoked weed but wanted the benefit of CBD to see if it helped with his back pain. I never imagined myself sitting at the table showing my son how to roll a joint. LOL

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    Some ecig devices are causing problems due to vape additives, but this does not apply to my vaporizer, which is designed strictly for ground leaf.

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