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  • Phlem (646 posts)
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    Hi all,

    just wanted to share my favorite tool. I’ve been vaping for 10 after switching from smoking and I’ll have to say this is the best vaporizer and only vaporizer I will use.

    Not only is the draw nice and strong but after a few months you have pure thc in the stem. When we smoked we called it resin in the bong, but his is pure thc oil, no tar ash or anything from “smoking”.

    Once I clean it out i can roll the thc butter into small balls about BB sized or a bit larger and drop it on top of a packed bowl. After the first hit melts it I stir it in with the rest of the bud in the bowl.

    That is the makings of an all day sucker. I can smoke that bowl pretty much half the day to a good portion of the day. Each hit intense and I can about 5 to 6 of those in one bowl.

    If you ever get a chance, try it, you’ll never use anything else. :)


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  • frylock (1474 posts)
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    1. I use an old Vapor Bros box-type vaporizer routed through a pyrex bong.

    Been using it for around 6 years. It’s warming up as we speak.  I’ll check this thing out.

    • Phlem (646 posts)
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      2. I use a heatgun with this.

      They make a heat tool but it’s expensive and made of glass, maybe one day.

      The heat gun will probably last a lot longer than their glass heating tool.


    • Phlem (646 posts)
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      3. It does take some getting used to.

      Usually the first hit is a “taste” hit depending how dry the flowers are.

      I usually dump the load from the bowl onto an index card that’s been folded in half and crush the flower pods then reload. Their should be a second hit that will nail you.

      I tend to get 3 or 4 hits per load depending on the size of the bowl. :)

    • beltanefauve (305 posts)
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      4. Our Vapor Brothers

      vaporizer is 12 years old and counting. It is simply known as “The Box ” in our house.

  • Hobbit709 (3299 posts)
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    5. I've got a Vapir NO2. Had it for about 8 years now.

    Works great. Portable, battery powered. Digital temperature select.

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  • shanti (380 posts)
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    6. I want a Pax vaporizer

    But they’re pretty pricey. Probably wait until the price drops.

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