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What Can I Do With My Already Vaped Buds?

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  • Hunter S (325 posts)
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    1. Save them for later.

    1. Vape with a portable vaporizer. (Ploom Pax)
    2. Revape using table-top vaporizer (plenty of vapor left) (Volcano)
    3. Smoke the used vape in a bong when you run out (tastes like shit, but does work) (Original Tobacco Master Bong https://www.originaltobaccomaster.com/)

    Lately I’ve given up steps 1 and 2 – just right on to 3.

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  • Jan Boehmermann (2485 posts)
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    2. Making the cannabis tincture described above takes high-proof Everclear

    They can’t sell that in many states.

    As of Jan. 2015, 14 states ban the sale of Everclear 190 (95% alcohol) including Maryland, California, Florida, Maine, Massachusetts, Hawaii, Iowa, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New York, Nevada, North Carolina and Ohio. Alcohol vendors can sell Everclear in the other 36 states.

    • elias39 (2442 posts)
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      3. I'd like to know what they use in the tincture I got at a NH dispensary

      because it BURNED LIKE HELLFIRE when used sublingually. I talked with the folks at the dispensary the following visit and they told me they’re changing to a coconut oil preparation. I didn’t have time to quiz them, but I didn’t think an oil would work as a vehicle for the THC, etc

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      • Jan Boehmermann (2485 posts)
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        4. Glycerol compounds can also be used as a solvent to obtain tinctures…

        I don’t know what your dispensary uses as a solvent for extraction that causes burning.  But that’s definitely not good.

        Does it say on the label of the container?