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What Does Smoking Weed Do To Your Lungs?

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    n the short-term, smoking cannabis can be irritating to the back of the throat and the lungs. Cannabis smoke is hot and filled with hot, ashy plant particles and burning embers. Inhaling that stuff? Not fun for the delicate tissues facing the front lines.

    Though experienced cannabis smokers become tolerant to the tickling sensation, cannabis can cause coughing, mucus, and inflammation in the short run. This irritation can cause bronchitis symptoms that continue for as long as you continue to smoke the herb.

    Low-temperature vaporization is still hot, though this method is far superior for health than smoking. Vaporization heats the cannabis to the boiling point of the active compounds in cannabis resin. When resin begins to melt, the fat transforms from a solid to a gas and can be inhaled as a vapor. The PAX 3 kit is a great package to start with if you want to give vaping a shot.

    Sometimes, consumers can feel mild chest pain after smoking cannabis. This often happens after a particularly large inhalation or after holding in the inhalation for an extended time. Though, chest pain can also be a sign of bunk product or smoking devices in need of cleaning. This often goes away in a fairly short amount of time.

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    and clean the tar from my one hitter after every smoke session.

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