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Detroit: New RefleX Bus Offers Taste of Regional Transit Plan

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    Detroit: New RefleX Bus Offers Taste of Regional Transit Plan

    Sept. 19–Detroit’s bus drivers union has called it a giveaway to wealthy suburbanites, but riders on the new refleX, an express bus service connecting the city and its northern suburbs, are offering high praise.

    “What a wonderful change,” said Jameelah Raby, an Eastpointe resident staying temporarily with her sister in Detroit.

    Raby and her 9-year-old son were riding a refleX bus north of 8 Mile on Gratiot Avenue on a recent Monday afternoon as she described her experience. They were heading to Roseville to pick up Raby’s 14-year-old daughter from high school.

    “Swell, everything was just swell,” said Raby, 40.


    The service also showcases a practically unheard of level of cooperation between DDOT and SMART and offers a taste of the kinds of changes planned if voters in Macomb, Oakland, Washtenaw and Wayne counties approve a 1.2-mill property tax in November to fund the Regional Transit Authority of Southeast Michigan’s master plan. The RTA, whose logo is emblazoned on the buses along with those of SMART and DDOT, functions as an umbrella organization for the three-year pilot bus services. …………(more)






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