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Winter birds need open water

  • Omaha Steve (1100 posts)
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    Winter birds need open water

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  • Haikugal (5305 posts)
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    1. Do you use a heater Steve?

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  • NJCher (1849 posts)
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    2. I'll put some out today

    but how do I keep it from freezing?


  • NVBirdlady (3774 posts)
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    3. Yes, I've made sure all of mine are full. Heaters on two of my water dishes.

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  • NJCher (1849 posts)
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    4. how to keep a fresh supply of water for birds from freezing

    This is pretty cool!  Pics at the site.

    Just fill a container with salt water, seal it, and put it inside a container of fresh water. The salt water keeps it from freezing.

    No electricity needed!

    This is a discovery for chicken coops, but it would work just fine for birds in general.