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220 Mbps!

  • MannyGoldstein (2256 posts)
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    220 Mbps!

    I just moved my Internet service from 25 Mbps to a competing 150 Mbps plan that costs less. It actually tests out to 220 Mbps, which is mind blowing to a guy that started at 0.0003 Mbps (300 BPs) back in the day.

    I downloaded a 40-minute documentary in about 30seconds. Amazing.

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  • Silver Witch (4839 posts)
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    1. Remember when 16KB was king.

    I remember the old dial up BBS where my phone bill was $200 one month (80s I think) almost had a stoke!!!

  • Hobbit709 (2234 posts)
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    2. I got Google Fiber.

    I’m averaging about 950 Mbps down and 960 Mbps up.

    Most times the server I’m connecting to can’t keep up.

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    • Mom Cat (8757 posts)
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      4. Where do you live? How does one get google fiber?

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      • Hobbit709 (2234 posts)
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        5. Austin, TX. you have to be in one of the cities where Google has it.

        Google Fiber
        Google Fiber is part of the Access division of Alphabet Inc.. It provides fiber-to-the-premises service in the United States, providing broadband Internet and cable television to a small and slowly increasing number of locations.More at Wikipedia
        Area served:Atlanta, Austin, Kansas City, Nashville, Provo, Salt Lake City, Highland Creek (Charlotte neighborhood)

        I won't shut up and I don't waste my time teaching pigs to sing
    • Mnpaul (1126 posts)
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      7. I could have Obama fiber

      installed during the stimulus but the Democrats left the last mile for the private sector. As a result, it sits in the ground less than 100 feet from my apartment collecting dust. No one can use it.

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  • elias39 (3227 posts)
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    3. That's insane delivery. I'm lucky to get 20. Seriously.

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  • Enthusiast (8370 posts)
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    6. Ya done good, Manny!


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