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Any suggestions for VOIP phone service? And Smart TV help!!!

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    Yes, I know that pretty much ALL phone service is VOIP these days, but I am thinking of cutting ties with Frontier as far as TV and phone service go.  Their internet has been reliable for me.  I retired from Verizon, worked for GTE Data Services most of my career, it was taken over by Verizon.  (That was not a merger, folks.).  Anyway, there was a great retiree deal that Frontier grandfathered when it bought Verizon FIOS products.  I was getting everything, including all premium channels for $125.  Now it is $190, cannot do that any more.  My Social Security did not go up that much!

    Anyway, I figure I can cold turkey TV and just get Hulu and Netflix and/or Amazon Prime for less than I am paying for TV now.  And really, flipping through channels, most of what I am getting is crap – reminds me of Springsteen’s 57 Channels (and Nothin’ On) song.

    Five or six years ago I had a MagicJack thing going on – long distance relationship in the UK, shipped him a MagicJack, and we talked for hours, for basically just the low cost of buying the MagicJack.  Low cost to renew for a year, too.  That is in the past now, but wondering if porting my home phone to MagicJack or another VOIP is a good idea.  Lots cheaper, that’s for sure.

    Also, while I am begging for advice – I have a Seiki Smart TV – but it is not “brilliant”, I can only get Netflix and youtube and a cartoon network and I think Accuweather (which is worthless).  Seiki does not seem to have an app to download to enable Hulu or Prime or whatever.  So – is there a way to do that?  And right now my TV is hooked up to the cable box – if I give the cable box back, can I just hook up the ethernet connection going into the cable box to my TV?  And then watch Netflix or whatever I subscribe to?  My TV is a lot bigger than my compouter monitor, and for some reason I don’t like watching stuff on my computer, just my TV.  Separately.  Computer is still a bit like “work” to me.

    Thanks in advance!

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    We just ‘cut the cord’ here about a month ago. I’m living just fine. Tip #1 – get a Roku box/stick whatever. Suddenly you have access to dozens of offerings. Through the Roku apps, we get more news stations than we need. That’s what I used to (still do) watch most of the time. And with Netflix, there are so many things to watch!

    Yes. Get rid of your cable box and ethernet your TV to your Wifi. We don’t pay for great internet service but I can’t remember the last time we had to wait while a show on Netflix ‘caught up’ to real time. I’m happy with our decision, and save $100+ a month. And you can ‘share’ subscription services with friend/relative.

    I can’t help you with VOIP. I don’t know where that has gone in the last 5 years. But with cell phones, who needs it? We still pay (not much) for basic land line service only because we’ve had the same home phone number for 45 years and we can’t seem to cut That cord. The time may come though, because all we get on the land line is JUNK. We’ve gotten calls on the land line FROM OUR PHONE NUMBER because there’s so much spoofing going on it’s insane. We cut the number of rings to one single ring before it goes to voice.

    Get a Roku. Get happy. Good luck djean.

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    I may be the only person in the world who likes Comcast… unless you have to talk to a rep.

    I don’t, however, have TV service. Internet and telephone only. The telephone is good and bad. The good: it gives you written, which can be amusing, and voice messages. I can retrieve them from my phone, cell phone, iPad or computer. It rings on my cell phone if I’m out. NoMoRobo is included in the service. The bad: if the electricity goes out (🤬 PG&E), no phone. (A new cell and somewhat improved service has semi alleviated that problem.)

    I rely on Apple TV for streaming to my big screen. I subscribe only to Netflix, but you can get just about any streaming service, including HBO, STARS and others. I can stream to my iPad or computer monitor, which is actually a 36” TV that a client was getting rid of. ROKU and FireStick work the same with slightly different offerings.

    Cost for internet and phone is $78/month, plus $11 for Netflix. My cell is through Tracfone for $15/month for 200 minutes, which is plenty for me. It’s an economical solution for me.

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