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Anybody Here Use Dragon?

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      I want to move to navigating my computer with voice commands. I’m wondering if anyone here can give me any general advice on Dragon, either light or otherwise.


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      It wasn’t bad, and it has since improved. You can train it to your voice and speech patterns. The downside is, it’s annoying to have to speak punctuation and paragraph breaks. The upside is, it has versions incorporating jargon recognition for various occupations such as medical or legal, and regional accents.

      I still can’t touch type as I used to, but I prefer to use my limited-finger typing to talking. Still, it’s a boon for those who can’t type at all.

      On edit: I don’t have any experience about navigating the computer. Sorry, should have read your post more closely.

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      what you say is actually the kind of info I’m seeking.

      In my research, though, I think I’ve tracked down a voice navigated browser FOR FREE and I may start with that before I spend any money.

      Yes, it’s overuse of the computer that is causing me to check this out.

      Thanks for the info!

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      It was just OK back then – 10 years ago. I’m sure it’s much improved since.

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