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Anyone need a computer?

  • Hobbit709 (3279 posts)
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    Anyone need a computer?

    I got several refurbished/upgraded computers-desktop types. Nothing fancy but solid workhorses. Will do browsing, word processing, video watching, etc. Not quite up to fast video editing but will do just about anything else. They have Windows 7 and I installed Malwarebytes Antimalware, LibreOffice, Irfanview, Foxit PDf Reader, DVD Burning software and various utility programs.

    Anyone near Austin can come by. If you’re further away I’ll ship them if you reimburse me for the shipping-shouldn’t be more than about $40 or so. also have some higher end machines but those I have to sell.

    PM me for details and specs and what your requirements may be.

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  • Rocco (649 posts)
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    1. I probably could whip up a few myself.

    With all the computer parts around here, I could get together at least a couple of PCs, that I would have to load an alternative operating system on.  So anyone in the mid Hudson Valley, Kingston/New Paltz area give me a shout.

    • Aerows (4385 posts)
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      2. I built a SFF box for a developmentally disabled

      boy.  My hairdresser asked me if I could do that, and I had a SFF case laying around and built it for him.  He sent me a picture (assisted) of himself in a santa hat with the yellow themed box I made for him. :).  It made me smile for days.

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      • Mnpaul (1635 posts)
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        6. Have you seen the LattePanda?

        I have thought about ordering one but don’t know what to use it for. 2Gb/32Gb model with Windows 10 license for $119. It even has an arduino controller. I thought about buying one and trying to stuff it in one of my OQO cases.

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        • Aerows (4385 posts)
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          7. I custom built his, mouse and keyboard in yellow

          because that is how he wanted it :).

          I took apart the mouse to custom spray, keyboard, sprayed the case, and got gold lights.  He wanted a yellow computer.  He got one.

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  • Aerows (4385 posts)
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    3. Donating them to the Developmentally disabled?

    If you have a stable linux build to avoid hefty license fees, you can always donate them to groups that help disabled children.  I don’t know if you have anything but the box (case and guts), but I’d certainly donate some keyboards and mice to the endeavor if you choose to do so.  I’m unfortunately fresh out of monitors  I have one as a spare and one for the bench.


    Just a thought.

    Root: If we're just information, just noise in the system, we might as well be a symphony.
  • Sunflower (519 posts)
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    4. Thank you Hobbit709

    My granddaughter’s loves her ‘new’ computer and she can play all her games just fine.

    Thanks again:)

  • Akallabeth (2234 posts)
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    5. Thats great of you to do

    Distrowatch has Linux distros so you can have another OS option.

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