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Credo Mobile and Sprint – Phone Locking

  • Ferd Berfel (2959 posts)
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    Credo Mobile and Sprint – Phone Locking


    I’ve been with Credo since late 2013. I bought my first smart phone through them and a plan to go with it. No complaints with Credo. The HTC One I bought has a camera issue but outside of that I like it.

    And just to be Clear, as far as I know Credo DOES donate a portion of their profits to Progressive causes and allow its customers to vote on that. Good on them! This rant is NOT about that portion of the operation. No complaints.

    So this is just a heads up from a technical standpoint, if you are with or thinking about going with CREDO Mobile – specifically in regards to buying a phone through them (and apparently if you are with SPRINT and buy a phone through them too)

    This seems to apply to Sprint and Credo because Credo piggybacks on the Sprint network – sort of. I just found this out.

    Ok here we go:

    My contract with Credo is up and I was thinking about taking my existing phone to another carrier for a cheaper plan. A much cheaper plan but to do this I would need to UNLOCK my phone so it would work with another carrier. When you buy a phone from any of the carriers or third party outfits (like Credo) unless stated otherwise, the phone will probably be LOCKED to a carrier so you CANNOT easily use it with another carrier. I think they all do this.  You CAN buy phones factory UNLOCKED and you can unlock SOME carriers phones yourself. You apparently CANNOT unlock a SPRINT phone and by default, because they use the Sprint network, this applies to a phone purchased from CREDO.

    I just got off a chat with an Unlocking service who told me that, basically I’m screwed. My phone, purchased from CREDO, CANNOT BE UNLOCKED – period, making it useless on ANY network other than Sprint or a third party outfit that uses the Sprint network.

    Moral to the story:

    So when the time comes, this time, I will buy an UNLOCKED phone outright, and take that to a company with the best Plan for me. If I don’t like that company I will be able to move on.

    Just wanted you to be aware of this

    Side note:

    Credo appears to be a second class citizen to their Sprint overlords. This applies to data (internet, text) not phone calls. Many times I will be sitting with friends who have full blown SPRINT service, and THEY have a strong signal and I can’t get squat (internet and text) This happens a lot. One other annoying thing that happens is that I don’t get some texts till the following day. I’ve been sitting with friends who all got a group text but mine didn’t appear till the folloing day.


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    …and you think you’re going to stop this simply by ‘pulling a lever’, in a booth, behind a curtain, every 2 years? Know yourself. And if you need help, call the FBI.

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  • Rocco (537 posts)
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    1. Thanks for this info

    It is quite useful to those of us thinking of switching.

    • Ferd Berfel (2959 posts)
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      2. if your planning on taking current phone

      Search for: phone unlocking services

      and make sure your specific phone from specific carrier enen can be unlocked.

      And consider biting the bullet and buy one fsctory unlocked on open market. Amazon, ebay etc

      good luck

      …and you think you’re going to stop this simply by ‘pulling a lever’, in a booth, behind a curtain, every 2 years? Know yourself. And if you need help, call the FBI.