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      David the Gnome
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      Disclaimer:  I am a prime member only because my sister paid for it for a year.  Some times free prime shows are decent.

      So, I’ve basically been all over the place in search of the right computer at the right price.  Yesterday morning, I decided to give Amazon a shot.  I told them I wanted: A PC with some kind of rgb lighting, a radeon 500 series card (or gtx 1070 if its low priced) a nice freesync monitor in 1080p format – and a comfortable chair for someone who has back issues.

      I explained that I wouldn’t qualify for any kind of specific student/business discount because i am disabled.  I further told them that the very upper limit of my budget was 1700.  Could they help?  (I could have probably found them myself, but wondered if they could offer a better deal – more on that in a minute)

      They emailed me back pretty quick, gentleman from India wanted me to call so we could discuss it.  I told him i preferred to handle this via email – in some kind of print i could save.  I mentioned that I could offer some decent quality reviews, as i do a bit of writing.

      Got an email back telling me that they regretted they could not assist with my specific request.  Another fellow who’s name I couldn’t pronounce.  Went on to babble about how many charities they are involved in – asking me to get involved.

      Now, maybe I overreacted, but that pisssed me off.  I found (lower end, but serviceable) items that matched what I had requested – all for about 1490 altogether.  Emailed them back with the prices and links- and asked what the heck they were doing babbling about charity to a guy who, while perhaps disabled, was offering to spend money.

      I got what I can only assume was an automated response, requesting I call to resolve the issue.

      I told them that this whole thing was ridiculous.

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      David the Gnome
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      I have nothing against foreign customer service agents.  I may not like the corporations they work for- but that doesnt extend to them.

      Yet, i get the feeling that just getting someone to actually read my emails will prove difficult.  I will call – most likely end up speaking with an agent located over seas – and when I ask for a supervisor (because these agents typically arent authorized to do anything to help) will probably be told that one is not available.

      Maybe they will even offer to have one call me back – who may or may not actually do so.

      Crap like this is why people hate Amazon.  Give us some real customer service reps who are empowered to do things, dont give a s h I t where they are from.  And for Gods sake, take some accountability, some responsibility.

      Ugh.  Guess I’ll call them.

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        - John F. Kennedy

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      David the Gnome
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      The problem with buying something like a computer with specific specs from Amazon, is that even using filters you can miss the best deals.  I figured their agents could probably navigate the site better than I – and find the best I could get for the money. (Chair, monitor, PC)

      Now though, I’m not sure I’ve even been dealing with a person at all in these emails.  All of these responses could have conceivably been automated, prescripted.  They have signatures, but no last names, employee ID numbers or anything.

      Out of all the companies I’ve dealt with (even Dell) this has been the worst experience by far.  Lenovo was the best.  Will update once my phone charges a bit so I can call them.

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        I also doubt Amazon would be wanting to show favor to any vendors, or be responsible for recommending a specific PC or chair to you, for liability reasons.

        My grandson put together a very nice PC using recommendations from reddit’s pcmasterrace and buildapc subreddits.   He explained what he wanted, gave a dollar amount, and got a list of components with links to where to buy them and the prices.  Also Tom’s Hardware is a good resource.

        I got my very large grandson a great office chair on Amazon a couple of years ago – it listed at around $950, I got it on sale for about $350.  If you want specific recommendations for office chairs, google or duck best office chairs, there are lots of reviews and “best” lists, ergonomic lists, etc.  If you find a model of a chair that looks good, then google the exact chair and shop around that way.  Office Depot and stores like that have lots of chairs already assembled on their sales floor, and you can try them out to get an idea of what feels right, too.  No charge for looking!

        I think that when you mentioned not wanting a discount, and that you are disabled, that comes across as wanting a discount, and I doubt anyone you reached was authorized to do that.  Plus they have no way of knowing if you are really disabled.  They probably prefer to work through known charitable organizations.

        America is not a country, it's just a business. (Brad Pitt, Killing Them Softly)

        "Sometimes when I try to understand a person's motives, I play a little game. I assume the worst. What's the worst reason they could possibly have for saying what they say and doing what they do? Then I ask myself, 'How well does that reason explain what they say and what they do?'" GRRM

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      Woman Hear Me Roar!!
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      Amazon is not your friend.  They are not your neighbor store not do they care what you want.

      They are a ruthless corporation that only wants as much money from you that they can get.

      They will pay people serving you a pittance and outsource anything they can. And any human you by chance interface with will be scared 💩 less to say anything that might get them in trouble and they are only allowed to interface with you for a limited amount of time. And if by chance they don’t sell you something they are dinged for helping you for too long.

      Go to BestBuy. Employees there are paid to help you. The service is good. You can touch and play with what you are getting. And again you will be dealing with humans who aren’t afraid to help you.

      Amazon is evil and it is 1984 in your face. Run away. Run very far away.

      Finally women are being heard...finally women are roaring.....

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        David the Gnome
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        Would be nice to buy something made in the USA from a company that doesnt outsource, but….

        Cant seem to find one.  Theres a new startup called skytech that claims all work is done here – but I can’t find many reviews for them.

        I will probably end up buying something less expensive from newegg – or possibly customizing a build from one of the companies that has all their customer support in India.

        As far as manufacturers and/or resellers go, it is tough for Americans to compete in a global market.  Far as I know, every major manufacturer gets their components, tech and customer support from over seas.  Hard to blame them, given pricing, but…

        Used to be we made it all here.

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