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Dreaded Microsoft virus thingy fix

  • djean111 (5244 posts)
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    Dreaded Microsoft virus thingy fix

    I got one of these just now, it did the usual, could not go to another tab, could not close that tab, could not bring up task manager in order to stop the process.  What works for me (Windows 7) is to remember the placement of the tab (in this case, third from my left), restart my computer, and when I restart my Chrome browser, with all the many tabs I always have open – close that tab immediately, while all the tabs are still coming up.  Have to be quick, but it works for me.  I then go to task manager, and usually it shows the tab I just closed as still running, so I stop that process, which closes all the tabs, and then I just restart Chrome again, and everything is okay.  All my other tabs still intact.

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  • faultindicator (973 posts)
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    1. There may be better tools than this one,

    but it gives much more info than task manager and allows other choices. It’s called Process Explorer. Here’s a link:

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  • Babel 17 (3403 posts)
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    2. Clearing your cache, and history, might also work

    I did that for a friend’s iPhone when he had the Apple version of that. He was impressed because the genius bar person he talked to didn’t know that solution. It also has worked with Firefox, on Windows.  
  • JimLane (1463 posts)
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    3. Is this an issue of automatic updating or not?

    All the software companies push you to accept automatic updating, but I always choose instead to be notified.  I’ve never had the experience you describe with the MS antivirus (or Windows updates, for that matter).

  • dEEDeeNL (108 posts)
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    4. re:when I restart my Chrome browser

    “Dreaded Microsoft virus thingy”

    Respectfully, Chrome is not MSoft. Suggesting the ditching of the alphabet-google spyware browser.
    Doubtful this is virus related.