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Good Freebie Mail – afa Public Mail avenue goes

  • Eggar (2094 posts)
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    Good Freebie Mail – afa Public Mail avenue goes

    To jump Ship to in case the Frustrations of the Google (G-mail) Get to be Too Much – Like it did for me. G-Mail was Decent for a while and at one time all of it’s integration with the rest of it’s google add-ons seemed to be in harmony with one another – Very Short Lived. And now, finally after it demanding I *must* upgrade my browser for the better half of 2yrs. it has grinded to a halt. So…

    Seems to be the Solution for now. Had to sample a few out there but this one seems to handle the load & Demands I place into e-mail content and it’s interface – while needing a little straitening out, is rather simple challenge to overcome.

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