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Had a virus warning from Microsoft with

  • Greenwich (1758 posts)
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    Had a virus warning from Microsoft with

    number to call – 1-844-857-6354

    Telling me not to buy anything on line until I called them.

    I have ZoneAlarm on my machine, including ZoneAlarm Wall —

    Checked Zone Alarm:  noticed that they had found a virus/quarantined it 42 days ago.

    Ran a 40 minute full ZA scan — nothing.

    Anyone think I have a problem?

    Thank you!

    PS:  Just want to add that every time I check in here at JPR, things are moving very slowly.

    Am I just hitting times when they are re-ordering the website or something?


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    • Entrepreneur (2133 posts)
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      1. I'm not willing to risk your computer based on my judegment but if it were my

      computer, unless I was positive that the warning was a genuine Microsoft warning, I would be highly confident it was a fake/scam to get you to call with a credit card number or such. (Not advocating for Microsoft in any way, but fake virus warnings just don’t seem to be part of their business model.)


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    • Live and Learn (1506 posts)
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    • Johnny Rash (966 posts)
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      3. Only ONE … ?

      Maybe it’s time for you to get acquainted with Linux?

      • Greenwich (1758 posts)
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        8. Very much wanted to use Linux —

        the only virus I ever had on my computer — not the one I’m using now — which took hold and was a pest — happened because I had always used Norton.  Would send them a check about 4 weeks before renewal and that was fine for years.

        Suddenly, for some reason, I sent them a check only two weeks before it needed to be renewed.  Then, for some reason I had to download their renewal which didn’t work right but I didn’t know it — and that’s how I got the virus!!  They refunded my money actually.

        And similar thing happened to my sister.  That’s why I don’t want to go to any paid service.  If I did I’d use something you buy in the store.

        BUT during that time, I tried very hard to move to Linux, discussed it with a lot of people using it — but couldn’t make heads or tails of it.  Had my son-in-law look at it, he couldn’t understand it either!  Downloaded a copy of it and asked a neighbor involved with IT stuff to look at it — nothing.  So I gave up — but remember at that time we had “RESTORE” as part of the package.  Once in a while I’d use it to correct a problem or error.  But, I actually did a total restore.  (You could only do it once, but my computer was about 9 years old at that point).

        Worked great — and I ran my compute fine after that for a few years until Microsoft refused to update the XP 2000 any longer.  Went as far as I could on that, but finally had to give up.

        What happened was this “Mirosoft” Warning came up — red screen — actual audio repeating the warning!  And the number to call.


        I haven’t done it — but have run a couple of scans since then of Zone Alarm — 2 hours+ today and still only the “1 virus still in quarantine from 44 days ago.”  They won’t remove that unless I upgrade.  And, again, I don’t want a pay system that you have to do over the internet.  I avoid that as much as possible.  (I’m using Zone Alarm free, actually)


        Thanks for the help — appreciate it.  :)



    • azurnoir (2014 posts)
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      4. Pretty sure it's a ransomware scam

      got the same stuff about a year ago – called out of curiosity, the woman on the other end said “tech support” I asked who’s tech support, she simply replied tech support, I asked what company’s tech support-she replied tech support-I queried again what company she hesitated and said “Micro Soft?”  like a 3rd grader guessing an  answer to a quiz question-so I asked what to do – she replied that I must give then access to my computer, when I was done laughing, I said no thanks and hung up-nothing more came of it

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      • Greenwich (1758 posts)
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        13. What did you do to remove

        what you had on your machine?

        a ransomware scam got the same stuff about a year ago

        I was just looking at and want to be sure whatever it is will actually be removed.




        • azurnoir (2014 posts)
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          14. There was nothing as far as I could tell

          however if I had given them access to my  computer who knows

          why do establishment Democrats appear to be 'progressive' only when dominated by republicans? 
          • Greenwich (1758 posts)
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            16. OK — so you just had the alert —

            and then they didn’t come back again?

            I just ran OBIT from — and they didn’t find anything.  It was for maleware removal.  Trust that would cover ransomware?

            Now it’s on my computer and have to figure out how to remove it.  It’s evidently a 30 day trial so maybe I’ll just leave it on the computer and run a few more times?

            This stuff is so upsetting — ugh!

            Thanks, again.  :)



            • azurnoir (2014 posts)
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              17. I'm thinking had I given them access to my computer

              they would have downloaded something on to it and then after telling me I had a virus charge me to remove it

              why do establishment Democrats appear to be 'progressive' only when dominated by republicans? 
        • HawkeyeX (954 posts)
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          19. If it is coming through your browser.


          Most of the same Microsoft crap I see that pops up is a browser popup, it’s a scareware, not ransomware (those things are actually really nasty because they lock everything up and they want you to pay $$ to remove it. I got lucky once removing it without paying a damn dollar).


    • jeff47 (1089 posts)
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      5. It's a scam.

      Microsoft will never tell you to call them.  They don’t want to spend the money answering tech support calls.

    • Hobbit709 (2907 posts)
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      6. Scam. Get Malwarebytes Antimalware and run a scan with it too.

      Antivirus scans don’t always find malware.

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      • Greenwich (1758 posts)
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        15. Looking at, but ….

        confusing because Malwarebytes antimaleware has stuff FREE for your Mac — I have Lenovo/

        Microsoft 8.1.

        They also have a FREE program to remove all this stuff “from your mobile” … ???  Does that mean that telephones are now picking up viruses and malware?

        There are some other well-recommended programs at Download, but not finding a Malwarebytes antimaleware for me that isn’t just “try for free.”  I’m afraid if I do it and they remove the stuff — and not sure that they will — but if they remove it and then the “free trial” is up, then what?


        PS:  Ended up using a FREE IOBIT malware removal — nothing found which is encouraging.

        Now I have to figure out how to remove it from my computer!

        Odd — cause you look under programs and there’s no IOBIT — and you can’t find it by date.  Guess they do that so you can’t find it and remove it????  What I know about computers would fill a thimble, anyway.  :)


        • Hobbit709 (2907 posts)
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          18. The free version doesn't run autmatically but it works as well as the paid for.

          You have to manually update and run scans. In my opinion, it’s one of the best out there.

          IOBIT sucks. It constantly bugs you to get other apps from them and the paid for version.

          You have to go to programs and features in the control panel and find the program you want to uninstall.

          RULE ONE: Anything that connects to the outside world is vulnerable. The trick is; don’t click on anything suspicious, don’t respond to unknown emails and phishing attempts. The dead giveaway on any phishing email is “Dear Valued Customer” or any variation of that. Any legit email from someone you do business with knows your name and will address you by it.

          I won't shut up and I don't waste my time teaching pigs to sing
        • FanBoy (7985 posts)
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          20. are you sure there's really something there? or did you just get some

          flashing red screen that falsely told you to call a number?


      • leveymg (3457 posts)
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        25. Before he does that, download Malwarebytes and CC. Run CC first to clean out

        the browser cache and defrag the C drive.  Step 2, run regular Malwarebytes and a full MS Security scan.  Only then, once every file has been checked, then install and run Malwarebytes Antiransomware free Beta version.  It worked to get rid of a similar ransom message that returned after I shut down the PC.


    • Mnpaul (1434 posts)
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      7. I just googled that number

      and your post was #3 on the list

      ignore the email, by opening it, you probably got put on a list for more.

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      • Greenwich (1758 posts)
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        9. Actually, it displayed on my computer — so think I'll have to do something

        more.  I’ll try adding Malware recommended above.

        If Zone Alarm had a disc for sale at one of the stores I’d use that, but don’t think they do.


        • Mnpaul (1434 posts)
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          11. I know that it was on your computer

          I googled the phone # to see if there was any info on this malware. When I googled the phone number, your post here on JPR was #3 on the list. There wasn’t much else for info. Let us know if you are able to fix it. I agree with Hobbit, use Malwarebytes. If the virus scan or the malware software finds anything, you may want to copy the results to a text file before they are removed. There maybe additional steps required to remove nasty ones.

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          • Greenwich (1758 posts)
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            12. Right —

            just wanted to be sure you knew it wasn’t an email that I opened.  This thing just flew up and appeared on my screen with audio.

            There are a damn lot of ads now that you can find on almost any website (on the sides or bottoms) where they will activate without even clicking on them and I noticed that happening a lot yesterday and the past few days.  Really annoying.  And possibly what caused this, but don’t really know.

            Just looking at what has and will try to get something running on the machine by tomorrow morning.

            Also annoyed that ZoneAlarm has only quarantined the virus they found 44 days ago and won’t actually remove it unless you accept an upgrade.  It really isn’t the money, it’s about having to put your credit card info on line, or sending in a check — and then having to depend on the download going through properly.  Makes me nervous after what happened last time.


            OK — thanks, again — will let you know if I succeed in any way —



      • madfloridian (2022 posts)
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        21. I got the same thing twice. Not an email. A page pops up and freezes computer.

        I shut down, not restart, and when it came back on things were okay.  I ran scans with 3 programs nothing was found.

        It’s really scary.  It’s suddenly just there.  I am careful which sites I go to,  and it was either here, twitter, or a


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        • Greenwich (1758 posts)
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          22. Right —

          Hi madfloridian —

          Exactly —

          I didn’t shut down right away, unfortunately.  Was so distracted by this orange — or was it red — screen flying up — with audio!!

          As I mentioned, I’ve added IOBIT which is anti-malware and so far they haven’t found anything.  And I’ll keep some kind of malware program on the computer from now on.

          Also, as mentioned, I’m also annoyed with Zone Alarm/free that they found a virus but would only quarantine it!

          So many “pop up ads” now that seem to fly up without actually clicking on them.

          We have 60+ degrees here and sunny and running out.  Thanks.  :)


    • Greenwich (1758 posts)
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      10. THANK YOU all who replied with your help — especially

      Jeff, Hobbit, MnPaul — and anyone else who has offered suggestions and help.

      You’re great!


    • Joyce3256 (1 posts)
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      23. never call the number

      Don’t be fooled by the fake virus warning scam and never call the number displayed there. The forum I found below explains How Victims Are Redirected to IT Support Scareware Sites:

      And the article describes what will happen if you call the number:

      The following articles provide the solutions:


      Hope this helps.




    • Satan (2882 posts)
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      24. What I would recommend to anyone who suspects they may be "infected"…

      …with a ransomware or any other such “modern” virus is that you use some sort of a “rescue disk” containing anti malware programs, so you would be booting from the USB/DVD that you “burned” this rescue disk to. Reason for this is that some of these modern malwares integrate themselves into the Windows boot process, even in safe mode, which makes it more difficult to remove them from within Windows itself.

      You can read more about some of the rescue disks here


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