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Help with browser page sizing

  • Lynetta (681 posts)
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    Help with browser page sizing

    I have a laptop with Windows 7 and when I am trying to move my cursor around it suddenly turns into a little icon and the size of the page starts zooming in and out. I can get it to stop with a right click but often it will do it immediately again. It happens maybe 15% of the time I am browsing.

    What do I do to get the cursor to change the size of the page?

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  • night (163 posts)
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    1. yeah

    I am still on XP, because some of my peripherals only run on that version.  I have several laptops which I bought off ebay.  When I started using the latest one, I found that “something” would change page sizes or even move to a previous or next page as I was using the cursor.

    I suspect this is something to do with handheld devices.  I only have a Nook, which I hardly use, but it magnifies or decreases the size of stuff in response to hand motions.  Maybe I am completely wrong.  My theory about the laptop is some anti-genius has a modification in the mouse software to mimic handheld stuff.

    I have learned to live with it.  If I want to restore a page size, I use control + or control -.

  • Eggar (2094 posts)
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    2. hold ctrl key+ scroll wheel (roll it in and out and see)

    seems to do the trick for me (also works the same on many programs today – pretty universal). If you have no scroll wheel on your mouse then ctrl (key) + the plus (+) key on your keyboard does it one zoom level at a time. the opposite zoom when you use the ctrl + minus (-) key.


    You actually may have a stuck ctrl key – figuring if you are trying to scroll down a page and this key is stuck then it would behave in the fashion you explained.


    Good Luck!