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Hotmail password

  • PADemD (1188 posts)
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    Hotmail password

    Has anyone ever had their iPhone require re-entry of a Hotmail password after it has been used for months?

    My Hotmail account has not been hacked (I hope) because I signed into it before re-entering the password on my iPhone.

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  • LimeTree (45 posts)
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    1. The first thing I try is pressing cancel

    If the mail server, and it’s not just hotmail, is unresponsive the iPhone will eventually try to login again.

    I’ve not needed to re-enter the password once I’ve successfully logged in to a mail account with the iPhone.

    • PADemD (1188 posts)
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      2. I pressed cancel several times.

      I kept getting the same message.  I probably should have tried turning the phone off and on first.

  • Paulie (195 posts)
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    3. Hotmail / was broken this morning

    For a couple hours globally.   Your phone should be good now.  Unless they broke it again. :-)

  • HIP56948 (2976 posts)
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    4. Hotmail was acting strange to me last night (the 6th) Maybe it's not you.