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Hotmail:Time for them to do something about "address not vaild"?

  • Paper Roses (252 posts)
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    Hotmail:Time for them to do something about "address not vaild"?

    I have 2 email addresses. One is private, only my family has the address. The second—Hotmail— has everything else. I am now deluged with junk stuff. Most I can block but–damn—There are so many that I try to block and it comes up “address is not valid”. Cannot block them. This has been happening the past few months. Many come from banking and financial institutions, a lot seem to be from the UK. It seems to me that there should be a way for the fine folks at “Hotmail” to block, or allow us to block these “not a valid” address”. As it stands now, I mark them as junk..then when I go to junk,I cannot block them. Only option is to delete. Next day, more of this same junk stuff.

    Also, I am receiving other email  that is junk but as I try to block them, I get the message, “you cannot block your own address. Don’t have any idea how to cope with either situation.I would appreciate any ideas.  I am computer illiterate so I have no idea what to do except scream!! Do I have to change this  email address? I have no idea how many valid people or  have businesses have this address. I have used it for years for various things. This makes me scream. I’m too old for this stuff!

    Any ideas will be appreciated.

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  • hippiechick (1351 posts)
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    1. Close it & open a new one?


  • Mnpaul (1126 posts)
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    2. I would start by changing your email password

    and check your computer for malware.

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  • FanBoy (7985 posts)
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    3. they don't want to block it — we're being moved to pay for email, haven't

    you caught on?  that’s why yahoo’s supposedly suffered “the biggest hack in history” etc.  they want us to PAY to be data-mined now.  It’s not just enough to steal from us — we’re gonna pay for the privilege.  just 20 short years and now we *gotta* have an email to do a lot of our business — and it’s gonna get worse.