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      So, I think I may have found the system I wanted, even with a beautiful qhd monitor for 1600.

      Would appreciate any advice from you guys here on whether this is a solid deal.*ivFEQ&acampID=1&siteID=kXQk6.ivFEQ-Yt6ileo0ISenY54AR0OCKQ


      I know, its bestbuy, that’s a bit of a drawback… but at that price, for an AMD 7 ryzen 2700x, rtx 2070 GPU, b450 chipset, wifi, 16 gigs of ram (the 2400 speed version) – an ssd, hdd.  Rgb lighting and at least 3 fans for cooling.

      Cant seem to find what the psu is, but I have a 650 if I need it.

      The monitor is a Dell 27 inch, 1440p, 1ms response time, 144 hz, with nvidia gsync.

      Both together, will cost around 1650 and have decent manufacturers warranties.

      Should be able to handle gaming, streaming, and almost everything else beautifully.

      It’s a bit over budget, but a great setup… I think.  Am I right?  Will this work well?  I dont know all the brands of parts that come with the PC, but what few reviews it has are five star.  I think Dell monitors are decent too- with a 3 year warranty.

      Thoughts, anyone?

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      Checked out your computer at Best Buys and CyberPowerPC Websites.

      It is a beast at first glance. Looked at the reviews which are mostly positive with one review with a serious problem.

      At our old JPR Ver 2.0 I did give some advice, esp. about power supplies, so that was the first place I went to. The Best Buys Website had nada. The CyberPowerPC Website had the picture below.

      So this PC can come with a number of power supplies. Any of the power supplies with a black dollar amount, even the 500 watt PS would be good. The others in red I would take a pass on.

      Next I noticed the purchaser will need to take this computer apart upon receiving to remove packing from inside the case. It is important to remove this packing before using.

      This packing is a good thing. I am impressed. Just remove before using your computer.

      Whether it is important to you or not, there is no CD/DVD player with this computer. Many people may not know this, new computers out of the box do not come with CD/DVD players even Apple. It is the new way of things.

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      Below is a direct phone number to CyberPowerPC support line. It came from the comments about the computer. You may want to use it:

      Thank you for reaching out to us.This system is equipped with a B450M chipset installed. If you have any further questions or concerns then please do not hesitate to give our tech support agents a call for any assistance; we’re always happy to help. Tech support: (888)937-5582 – CyberpowerPC Support

      If you cannot dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit WC Fields

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