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How Does Whonix Make Kali Linux Anonymous

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    How Does Whonix Make Kali Linux Anonymous


    We can replace the Whonix workstation with Kali Linux and use Kali Linux anonymously. Here are the steps:

    Install and configure the Whonix gateway in a virtual machine
    Install and configure Kali Linux (using Whonix gateway in the DHCP) in the virtual machine
    All the traffic (Kali Linux) will be routed through the Tor network
    And you can browse anonymously
    The things that you need:

    Kali Linux ISO setup
    Whonix Gateway

    more at link

    This looks very interesting to me. I already use Tor browser and have Kali installed on a 3rd drive I use for testing OS’s.

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    1. Whonix's on first

    If I didn’t know about computing, what you said sounds like an Abbott and Costello routine.

    I get depressed when I look at how hopelessly compromised our privacy is, and to what ridiculous lengths we have to go to maintain it.

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    2. Thank You For Sharing


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