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I cannot access search engines…

  • The Crone (3157 posts)
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    I cannot access search engines…

    I am having a strange problem.
    I can easily log on to this website and several other websites where I blog about politics.
    I can only sometimes log into my email account, which is a privately hosted affair that I pay about $ 200 a year for.
    But then I can’t at all access google! Or duckduckgo, or any search engine…
    What could be going on?

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  • PADemD (1187 posts)
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    1. I'm having the same problem

    With Firefox and Google.

    The only thing that works is Chrome.

  • alcina (311 posts)
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    2. I'm having problems with Google and anything powered by Google

    Did a quick check, and there seem to be a lot of outages worldwide. Probably just Skynet becoming self-aware….

  • sonofspy777 (147 posts)
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    3. On the other hand…

    might be malware… run Malwarebytes and AV Panda is pretty good (better than AVG and Avast) and is free…




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  • PADemD (1187 posts)
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    4. Just ended a call with my ISP

    Google may have rolled out an upgrade today.

  • leveymg (3464 posts)
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    5. Go to the browser window and type in Firefox, download it or

    Chrome or an alternative.  I assume you’re on a PC using Google – you should also be able to navigate using Explorer to find an alternative downloadable Search Engine.  Keep that combination as a backup on your desktop.   Hope this helps.