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Is my monitor dead? Please help if you can

  • Paper Roses (369 posts)
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    Is my monitor dead? Please help if you can

    I am on my laptop now because my PC (Win 7) has developed a problem with the monitor. Two days ago, I noticed a quick flicker on the screen. I figured it would pass but:

    Today, when I turned on the PC, my  monitor is black. A quick flash when I turn on  the mouse(c/less), then black. I checked all connections, don’t know what to do. I am not a heavy user, in fact, I am a computer idiot. I have no idea if the monitor died or there is something else I should check, The Monitor is a Samsung 933SN, date 2009. I have tried to Google help but can not find the answer. Any ideas?

    Remember, I don’t know what I am talking about. Do I need a new monitor or should I contact my Guru. Something obvious I missed?

    Thanks for any ideas.

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  • Paulie (203 posts)
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    1. Does the wire that goes to the monitor from pc fit the laptop?

    If it doesn’t work on the laptop either then it is just the monitor.  What can happen is the backlight can go out so the screen is on (power light is on) but you can’t actually see anything on the screen.


    If if it works on the laptop then it is something on the pc from video card to mother board to power supply.


    If you have a friend that can help in person invite them over if coffee/tea   :-)


  • LiberalArkie (4136 posts)
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    2. Try unplugging the monitor power and the plug to the PC and while waiting

    you might as well power down the PC and wait a bit and then power it back on.

    But being 2009, I would bet that it gave up.

    • Paper Roses (369 posts)
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      3. Hi

      Hi, I can’t even turn off the computer, the screen goes black instantly so I can’t hit the shut off button. I would have to turn off the computer by the on/off button. OK to do that then try again?

      • LiberalArkie (4136 posts)
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        6. Yes, You can just pull the power plug. I doubt it will help, but it is worth a

        shot. I have had monitors (or ports on the computer) just forget what they were.

  • saneblane (171 posts)
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    4. Sounds like you have a bad inverter.

    flickering and then a dead screen are typically what happens when the screen inverter gradually goes dead. You should also check the LVDS cable (Which is the video cable from the motherboard) because that could have disconnected too. if the LVDS cable came out just putting it back in should solve the problem, but from what you describe, It’s about an 80 percent chance that the Inverter went out.

    Your pc use windows 7 so I am guessing it’s at least 3 years old which is about the time when a typical inverter would fail outside of warranty. Hope this helps and good luck.

  • Haikugal (6806 posts)
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    5. If it's your backlight you can use a flashlight and see the screen…just angle

    the light on the screen. I had one quit and that was the only way I could tell if the computer was on. Good luck!

  • NJCher (2600 posts)
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    7. if it's dead, you can get another for a very reasonable price

    I dropped some things off at a second-hand store yesterday as a donation, and I noticed they had numerous flat-screen monitors for sale at only $20 each.

    Obviously, there’s the trip out and that it would be used, but maybe that’s an option if you live in an area with such stores.

    If you lived in my area, I’d just give you one of mine. I have two extras.