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Issue with Yahoo?

  • Snort McDork (2677 posts)
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    Issue with Yahoo?

    When I check my e-mail, my Firefox browser acts really erratic and hesitates a lot. How do I fix this? Works fine here, but with yahoo it’s funny acting.

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  • joentokyo (652 posts)
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    1. I joined this group just so I could respond to this post.

    My Firefox browser has quirks when I visit Yahoo! In my opinion, the problems are with the site not the browser. The quirks I have experienced are pages taking forever to load or failing to load, and having to double click instead of single click on links. The only thing I can suggest is to dump the browser cache to see if that helps.

    I usually just tolerate the malfunctions because I have had that account forever and do not want to change to another online mail site.

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  • NJCher (2302 posts)
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    2. Not just you

    i know another person with this complaint.



  • Earthshine (70 posts)
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    3. Perhaps you could use an email client like Thunderbird to retrieve your mail.

    I have several gmail accounts.  I can send and receive via T-bird.  I never have to use a web browser.

    You just need the name of the mail server, which should be easily obtained via Yahoo or by just Googling it.

    Good luck!

    • Snort McDork (2677 posts)
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      4. I dumped the cache and still the same hesitation plus….

      the fan inside this box revs up when on yahoo. Quiets down when I leave.

      • Earthshine (70 posts)
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        5. Perhaps the Yahoo site when viewed through Firefox puts a load on your system.

        Some websites require more processing power than others due to animations and java scripting.

        Is Yahoo the only thing that gets your fan going?

        Have you tried going to Yahoo with another browser?

        • Snort McDork (2677 posts)
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          7. I will try Chrome and see what happens

        • Snort McDork (2677 posts)
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          8. I just tried Chrome and it is as smooth as silk on Yahoo

          No hangs up, hesitations or fan that revs up. I think it is firefox. It keeps asking me to update a script and I don’t if if I should do that since scripts slow it down. But Chrome is better on Yahoo.

          • Earthshine (70 posts)
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            9. In general, I prefer FF, but there are times to use the others.

            FF is made by people who, historically speaking, want to make the internet better for users.

            IE, Edge, Chrome, Safari, and others are made by people who wish to directly profit from the use of the browser and lock you into using their services.

            My FF has numerous extension add-ons.  This breaks some websites.  Sometimes, I can’t view specific content on a site, like a video.  So, I just view that particular page in IE.

            There might be advantages to doing Google-related stuff in Chrome, but I can’t speak to it.

            There might be advantages to using Edge for online Microsoft stuff, but I couldn’t care less about them.

            Again, your best bet for email might be to abandon the web browser and use Thunderbird.  It can pull in your email from all accounts (gmail, yahoo, comcast, etc.) and keep them nicely sorted out in a single interface.

  • sonofspy777 (147 posts)
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    6. Ads and ads and ads

    AdBlock Plus kills 7 things on my mail page.

    Yahoo Mail Hide Ad panel is the real difference maker (stupid targetted ad at top of mail list)!


    Tools–> Options—>Extensions






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