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Major computer crash.

  • davidthegnome (1005 posts)
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    Major computer crash.

    Kind of funny that this happened during all the talk of Russian hacks (the Russians must have hacked my PC! – yes, that’s sarcasm) but my PC just basically died on me.  Windows 10, all the files, music, writing, stuff I had over 2 or 3 years is gone.  Maybe it was time for a new format anyway, but it looks like, somehow, both of my drives – and even my partition got totally wiped.  Eventually, the computer wouldn’t go past the boot menu and I had to re-install from a windows 7 disc.

    Going to take a while to get used to the look of windows 7.  I wonder if I had a virus or something – looking for advice on what spyware/malware protection programs to get as I really want to avoid a repeat of this.  Any free stuff out there that will help keep my PC safe?

    Back to re-downloading what I can with my crappy internet connection.  Damn computers…

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  • LiberalArkie (3911 posts)
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    1. There are some nasty things out for Windows that will wipe the partitions

    This is the easiest way to clean up after using a PC as a bot.

    You need to get into a backup routine. My macs backup several times a day and I think there are ways of doing it on a PC.


    • davidthegnome (1005 posts)
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      2. I had backups saved on the hard drive, but…

      Didn’t end up doing me much good.  Basically, my computer froze this morning, I re-started several times, and it wouldn’t even start windows – just went to a black screen of death every time I clicked on “start windows 10”.  I tried running system restore and various other things – but just kept getting that black screen.  In the end I had to resort to an old boot disc to even get it running again.  I need to get a thumb drive or something that I can save important stuff on.  Can’t use cloud and stuff like that because I have an internet data cap (15 GB per month, dishnet).

      Wondering if there’s some way to locate the old files – they should have been saved on two different drives, but nothing I’m trying is working.

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  • Marym625 (21770 posts)
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    3. Bummer!

    Wish I had some advice for you.

    Only two things I can say

    Malwarebytes is free and good

    Backup outside your computer. Like an external drive

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    • Eggar (1992 posts)
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      5. Precisely ^^That^^!! ('-' )

           I    have a 2 bay (1) 3Tb Mirroring Most of my 4Tb of Data & Profile Storage (Self Powered & Self Cooling *Important* and don’t be Too Cheap with the Enclosure – ArchGon externals Are really easy on the hardware and great for the price!).  The Simplest mirroring tool (if you don’t wanna go with a RAID option) is the age-old MS SyncToy https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=15155 that has been around forever – Just remember on occasion to utilize it.  Also Once You have Everything Loaded and Just the exact way You like it – Flash an Entire Copy of you OS Partition and store that on the External HDD as well. with another simple freebie dixml https://www.runtime.org/dixml.htm (Always stay Simple for as Long As you Can)  I have Re-flashed My Solid State Drive (256gb, on which I have only my OS and Primary Work Software Loaded with) several times for whatever *certain* reasons ;) (never virus or hack related)  More for Testing out Various set-ups that work with my Monster GPU parallel processing Behemouth – Ha! Ventillated up  the kazoo and leaves very little oxygen left in the room. That is why I am the way I am…. hehe.


      xp64 Pro w/ a O.C. phenom 6 at home and have *never* had the need or demand to go beyond.  I have used up to win8 at my jobs but will never step foot beyond that or have ever needed to.


      personally – all I have ever needed running for protection in the background is the old windows defender. it proved time and time again way more effective than any of your pay-for *here today gone tomorrow* services when it came to always needing to fix & clean my boss’s computer. Defender and it’s sister ‘Security’ Essentials look to be a different kind of animal on the newer post win8 systems though in the respect of not having the control over the types of scan and the scheduled times for the scan (or perhaps it is just more burried these days never had the need or care to find out since I don’t go there)


      And *Never* today, upgrade unless you absolutely know it is necessary to do so – an old IT tech told me this ages ago – The old addage ‘if it ain’t broke, why fix it’ and it has proved out so vast amount of occasions


      and David… For that Inner Gnome in you, you may find looking into Linux one Day for a decent lightweight OS. If I ever have the need, one day to leave Windows, I would start using Ubuntu Studio for it’s graphic editing and multimedia authoring power & ease of use.  Zorin is supposed to be the easiest to transition to from old school windows users though.


      • Marym625 (21770 posts)
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        6. Thank you

        I understood about half of that. :)

        The upgrade part I almost never do unless they make me. Like my phone. They’ve actually made my phone not work until I upgrade. I fought it as long as I could then either had to upgrade or change service. Couldn’t afford the latter.

        That particular upgrade had more spyware on it. I really hate that shit

        Hope @davidgmills saw your post

        Thank you

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        • Eggar (1992 posts)
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          7. Yes! That is exactly the way you have to go about it!

          Smart! and I bet the upgrade is crappier to use then it’s predecessor, yea…?

          Even when I have been *forced* there have always been ways around it. G-mail has now become *terminal* for me to use, primarily because I refuse to upgrade (yet) beyond old FireFox 19 (I have add-on tools that work like a dream on this version). Goo(gle) has really been buggerin’ up their products here the last few months. I always used to just *ignore* the upgrade demands until it finally came to a stop last week. After all these years of ignoring the demands (Ha! Just like my phoney *check engine light* on my truck I just got tired of and ignored for over a decade now)


          I tried the next 2 big Freebie (Public) mail hosts – Yandex and Zoho and have to say that the simplest and less proprietary open source ‘Zoho’ seems to work out Fantastically. A small interface curve to get around but is still intuitive and has all the necessary editing and drag-drop abilities that we have grown accustom to.

          • Marym625 (21770 posts)
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            11. I hate gmail

            But I also hate the idea of having to change it.

            Yes, the upgrade sucks.

            I think I’m going to try fastmail. If it is user friendly then I might switch.

            Good for you for ignoring upgrades for a decade. That’s perseverance!

            Oi245KQ-1 "Once the decision was made to go into Iraq as an invader and occupier,  it’s like our nation lost its conscience. And it has not yet gotten that conscience back." Madfloridian  
  • Eggar (1992 posts)
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    8. okay, oh YooHoo!

    I was commenting on Mary’s Reply but would be nice to have the Article’s Poster perhaps take a look too.  HA!


    Post #5

    or if you rather:


  • leveymg (2710 posts)
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    9. The data is likely still on the C Drive. Have it copied, do a clean and

    fresh reinstall the OS.  Recoup the data back.  Back everything up on an external hard drive.  Your C drive isn’t for storage.  Keep all your files on the external hard drive and back that up occasionally, too.

  • Hobbit709 (2234 posts)
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    10. Backup, backup, backup.

    I have at least two backup copies of everything. 3 or more of anything critical. And never leave your backup drive connected to the system. If you get hit by a nasty, any drive connected to the computer is most likely compromised too. Just had to upgrade my music flash drive from 128 to 256 Gb since the 128 was starting to get full. I have a 3Tb external drive and two 2Tb external drives for all my videos, 2 1.5 Tb external drives for all my data files. I keep one copy of everything in my fire safe and the other sitting on the shelf except when I update the backups. My laptop has a copy of all my critical files and so do the other two computers in the house.

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  • davidthegnome (1005 posts)
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    12. It's doing it again.

    On startup, I keep hearing this strange kind of whirring/clicking noise from inside the tower.  I’m wondering if it’s some kind of fan or something.  TBH I’m mostly hardware illiterate.  I had something similar happen with an older PC, a number of years ago – and it shit the bed, hard drive gone beyond repair, cheaper to buy a new one, etc.

    It’s just frustrating.  I bought this thing a few years back from a rent-to-own place.  I thought 8 gigs of ram was totally awesome, didn’t realize that without a good graphics card it wouldn’t be able to do a lot of what I wanted (Gaming – particularly stuff like Skyrim).  Also didn’t realize back then that paying 50 bucks a week (or 200 and some change monthly) would eventually amount to a ripoff.  I paid two thousand bucks for this thing – finished paying it off, fortunately, when I was still working.  Can’t believe I even managed it, 2 grand was (and is) a fortune for me.  It was basically the one real “luxury item” that I allowed myself to buy.  Thought it would last a lot longer.

    My thanks to everyone for the advice.  I don’t think there is any way (with my limited PC knowledge) to do a restore to the old drive/files, etc.  It looks/sounds like it’s a hardware issue, I’m just waiting for it to crap itself out.  This inspiring vast gnome frustration and nerd-rage.

    Tempted to take the case off and look at the pieces, see if anything clicks, but I’d have no clue what I was doing.  Damn computers.

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