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Malwarebytes 3 has Exploit and Ransomware protection.

  • madfloridian (2022 posts)
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    Malwarebytes 3 has Exploit and Ransomware protection.

    I had the paid version of Malwarebytes, Malware only.  I found out that I could get the new version for free, easy to do.  It will cost about $10 dollars more yearly, but I think it’s worth it.

    It works well with my Kaspersky Security, and I don’t realize it’s there until it catches something. I had gotten 2 of those pages I think were either scams or pretend ransomware.   Both times I could not do anything but turn off the computer.  The page just froze and the warnings were scary.  I did not call the numbers given, just rebooted and all was okay.

    But it scared me enough to get the new version.  It’s almost too automatic, but I have always trusted Malwarebytes.

    Just a heads up because I see others getting that same scary page and warning.


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