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Microsoft admits its aggressive Windows 10 push was a low point for the company

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    Microsoft admits its aggressive Windows 10 push was a low point for the company

    In its quest to get people to upgrade to Windows 10 while the new operating system was still free, Microsoft took a surprisingly aggressive approach, which got uglier, and uglier as the year went on.

    The company’s dirty tricks included downloading Windows 10 files onto users computers without permission, making Windows 10 a “Recommend update”, removing the “no thanks” button from the Get Windows 10 box, changing the behavior of the red corner x, and sneaking an advert for Windows 10 into a Windows 7 security patch. Now the company admits it did cross the line, but only at one point — can you guess which?

    In my opinion, all of the dirty tricks were appalling, and unbecoming of a company of Microsoft’s stature, but Chris Capossela, Chief Marketing Officer at Microsoft, actually thinks the firm got its approach right most of the time, with one notable exception.

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  • azurnoir (2014 posts)
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    1. it went from comical to annoying to f*%@ this

    no I do not want to be a crash test dummy for your new operating system

    why do establishment Democrats appear to be 'progressive' only when dominated by republicans? 
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    2. I don't particularly care for Microsoft's new partner.



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    3. what are they gonna say? "Yeah, we're unethical as shit, just like our founder"

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    4. No microsoft you have gone much lower…