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Mozilla Releases Firefox 50

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    Mozilla Releases Firefox 50

    Mozilla has begun seeding the binary and source packages of the final release of Firefox 50 web browser on all supported platforms, including GNU/Linux and macOS. From a report on Softpedia:

    We have to admit that we expected to see some major features and improvements, but that hasn’t happened. The biggest new feature of the Firefox 50.0 release appears to be emoji for everyone. That’s right, the web browser now ships with built-in emoji for GNU/Linux distributions, as well as other operating systems that don’t include native emoji fonts by default, such as Windows 8.0 and previous versions. Also new, Firefox 50.0 now shows lock icon strikethrough for web pages that offer insecure password fields. Another interesting change that landed in the Mozilla Firefox 50.0 web browser is the ability to cycle through tabs in recently used order using the Ctrl+Tab keyboard shortcut. Moreover, it’s now possible to search for whole words only using the “Find in page” feature. Last but not the least, printing was improved as well by using the Reader Mode, which now uses the accel-(opt/alt)-r keyboard shortcut, the Guarana (gn) locale is now supported, the rendering of dotted and dashed borders with rounded corners (border-radius) has been fixed as well.

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    1. yay!

    Just in time for my celebrating my successful downgrade to v22 so my downgrade of cherished addons work the exact way I the way I had used to enjoy them being the way they used to. Took getting into the about:config to shut down all the individual auto-upload options under the extension_ headings. But so far, all is working swell. Kick ass!


    Not bulky and very efficient