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Problem with Apps on Smart TV

  • ThomPaine (4769 posts)
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    Problem with Apps on Smart TV

    There is probably a simple answer but when I call up the Apps on my new Samsung and go to Netflix to which I subscribe, I get a limited number of choices.  Maybe 8 or 10.  How do I access all of the Netflix movies?

    EDIT:  I figured it out and it was simple.

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  • NV Wino (5887 posts)
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    1. Do you sign into your account?

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    • ThomPaine (4769 posts)
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      3. yes thank you.

  • Babel 17 (3773 posts)
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    2. Are you scrolling down?

    Also, on some devices it takes time for Netflix to call up what you’ve recently watched. Try clicking on anything, letting it play, and then returning to Netflix’s Home screen.

    • ThomPaine (4769 posts)
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      4. I figured it out. In lieu of moving up one row from the App row, double

      click on the App.

  • Mnpaul (1635 posts)
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    5. My Samsung took control of my smart blu ray

    I thought that was cool. All I have to do is select the blu ray with the source button and it turns on the player through the HDMI cable and brings up the channel list. The TV remote now controls the blu ray. If I go back to the TV tuner, it disconnects from the blu ray and turns it off.

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