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Programmers are having a huge discussion about the unethical and illegal things

  • LiberalArkie (4140 posts)
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    Programmers are having a huge discussion about the unethical and illegal things

    Programmers are having a huge discussion about the unethical and illegal things they’ve been asked to do

    Earlier this week, a post written by programmer and teacher Bill Sourour went viral. It’s called “Code I’m Still Ashamed Of.”

    In it he recounts a horrible story of being a young programmer who landed a job building a website for a pharmaceutical company. The whole post is worth a read, but the upshot is he was duped into helping the company skirt drug advertising laws in order to persuade young women to take a particular drug.

    He later found out the drug was known to worsen depression and at least one young woman committed suicide while taking it. He found out his sister was taking the drug and warned her off it.

    Decades later, he still feels guilty about it, he told Business Insider. And he was inspired to write the post after he viewed a talk by Robert Martin, called “The Future of Programming.” Martin is a famous-in-his-world programmer and speaker better known as “Uncle Bob.”




    (Note: I was once asked to do a report on our groups work order database sorted a certain way. I refused. Another ass-kisser did it and it got 75% of our group canned. I lucked out because I was in the hospital having a heart bypass.)

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  • Downwinder (1735 posts)
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    1. How abot the H-1Bs

  • djean111 (5606 posts)
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    2. I once wrote a nifty little program, in the '70s, that enabled the life

    insurance company I worked for to lessen their window of exposure, through the binder, to any applicant who applied for life insurance and lied about their health.  We transmitted the information to the Medical Information Bureau, instead of mailing it, and exposure went from three days to a couple of hours.  Years later, it occurred to me that hey, if details about everybody’s health are on the MIB database, what the fuck happened to that much vaunted privacy thing?

    • *Obligatory disclaimer - when I say "Democratic Party" I mean the DNC - the Clintons and the un-elected people and the consultants and the lobbyists and the corporations who actually run things.  The people who work and vote and are registered as "D" are no more the actual party than Trekkies are Star Trek.   Extra credit - the Democratic Party gets to actually fuck up your life. When you vote for it.
    You think the only reason that people won't vote for a warmongering Third Way fracking-enabling cluster bomb throwing H-1B increasing lying pandering corporate and Wall Street shill who says she has no problem putting abortion rights on the table is because we are mad about Bernie?  Um, nope.
    • Akallabeth (2234 posts)
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      3. Medical underwriting- so insurers can refuse coverage to the already sick

      is seen as a legitimate use. Just because a brief period of regulatory change meant that for several years people with health conditions got health insurance, doesn’t change the fact that they hated it and I am sure they all were rejoicing that Trump was elected knowing that the days when they have to cover a third of all American families are numbered. All that information they collected during the ACA will likely be used to refuse coverage to people. Think of it this way, its a game and they see their lack of information as a handicap that they are collecting information to improve their odds.


      Bernie lost, so now you’re going to pay an extra half million dollars, each, people. And thats in todays money, and its a very conservative estimate.

      And it doesn’t include drugs, which with TPP (which isnt dead) probably will double that. Education? maybe another 200k per person because more education is more and more necessary.

      So, add it all up, one point two to one and a half million dollars. Each.

      "Out of many, one"