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      David the Gnome
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      I know there must be at least a couple other gamers (or dabblers like me) here.  So, the hunt for the best PC for the value continues.  Prices range wildly, often seemingly unrelated to specs.

      I have found two monitors I really like – a curved 24 inch msi optix, 144hz and 1ms (gtg probably 3) and a viotek with the same stats, but 3-4ms response time.   Both have freesync, which is cool.  Gsync is still absurdly expensive.

      So, keeping it at around 1500-1600, there is an alienware Aurora R7 (rx 580 8gb graphics – 1380 with 16 gigs of ram, sd/hdd combo, Intel 5 8400, 850 watt CPU with liquid cooling. Disc drive, tons of ports.  Or – two on  newegg.  One for 1000 with a gtx 1070, 16g ddr4 ram, Intel 5 8400.

      Finally, the other has a gtx 1080, same ram, ssd/hdd combo, nice cooling system, 600 psu, disc drive, USB gen 2 type c ports, etc.

      What do you all think?

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      David the Gnome
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      It’s from ABS though, which I am a bit wary of.

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      David the Gnome
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      Waiting for my check to arrive has fortunately given me more time to think and look around.  I have gotten quotes from Lenovo on the T730 legion for 1150.  Intel 7 8700, gtx 1060 6gb, 16 GB of 2666 ram, 1tb hdd/128 ssd.  DVD rw drive, bluetooth and wireless built in… 450 watt psu.  1150.

      A very similar PC from Dell, the alienware Aurora r7, has almost the same specs, except for a radeon rx 580 8gb graphics card, USB c ports (had to research those) and a 850 watt psu with liquid cooling.  Rep gave me a quote of 1250.  Oh – and the CPU is an Intel 5 8400.

      There are two systems at newegg, both much better priced for better specs.  A 999 with a GTX 1070.  A 1300 with a gtx 1080 – very similar in build to the Aurora.

      Basically, for anyone reading this – I would recommend newegg over Dell.  Lenovo was far superior to Dell as well in terms of customer service.

      But if you are on a budget, newegg, Amazon, or cyberpowerpc are what I would recommend.  Best value, IMO.

      I wish it was easier to find a desktop with an rx 580 8gb at a reasonable price.  No luck so far with that.

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        Now is a good time to buy a computer or a car. Manufacturers want to sell, not just take your money.

        A major plus is you are talking to the sales reps, very good.

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          David the Gnome
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          Some new graphic cards coming out soon, too.  RTX 2060, and the nvidia 1160, 70 and 80 models are on their way.  It’s likely prices for current stuff is going to drop real soon.

          Still would rather go team red – radeon card, with a freesync monitor (ridiculously less expensive than gsync), but…

          Heck, I probably dont even really need any kind of sync, but as this is my first time doing this – and I’ve been dreaming about it for many years..  want to do it right.

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      David the Gnome
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      To my own thread, but, some additional thoughts… now that the data/cryptocurrency mining craze has greatly slowed, some graphics cards are better priced.  Plenty of manufacturers and resellers likely lost their shirts due to that business.  Others dont seem to realize that the prices have changed (xidax and digitalstorm seem to be the worst in that regard) and are still charging like 5-600 for a gtx 1070.  It’s worth about 3-350 right now.

      It is nice to see AMD battling it out a bit better with Nvidia in terms of graphics capabilities.  Given the similarity of various models – for pretty much anything, an AMD card with a freesync monitor is going to give the same performance as an nvidia with a gsync, for far less money.

      AMD appears to be making gains in the CPU battle as well.

      Ultimately, I am absurdly impressed by what Computers can do today, as compared to even a few years ago.  Its stunning, how far we have come.  Shopping for a nice PC feels kind of like being a kid at Halloween.  This is fun.

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        Always liked AMD better. Hope they stay competitive, especially re: CPUs.

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      David the Gnome
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      As far as pricing stuff out goes, testing out builds for compatibility and such.  With current pricing though, it makes (a bit) more sense to me to go with a solid prebuilt or pre-configured.

      One thing that’s tempting is to go with an older, cheap desktop and rebuild it, but.. I’m still a novice.  I think warranties would serve me better for now.  I can play around with some parts, learn to swap out a CPU and/or motherboard later.

      I’ve heard some funny stories about what happens when a newb like me tries to configure bios.

      It’s just so hard to pick the right one.  Might just go with something more modern – with a cheaper cpu/gpu/ram/storage combo and swap them all out.

      Pcpartspicker is great, though. Gives me an idea of what’s out there and what it costs.

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