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The UFC’s 4K Truck Is a Symphony of Pixels and Punches

  • LiberalArkie (4140 posts)
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    The UFC’s 4K Truck Is a Symphony of Pixels and Punches

    THE DECISION TO go all-in on 4K is tough for viewers, but consider how hard it is for live broadcasters.

    The Consumer Technology Association predicts a boom in sales this holiday season that will push the total number of 4K sets sold to 10 million in the US for 2016, a 40-percent increase over last year. That means demand for live events in 4K—sports, live news, The Oscars—will continue to grow. However, the companies who produce the live coverage will need to make a slew of expensive hardware updates—new cameras, new video switchers, new servers, new encoders, and new distribution platforms—to start pumping out 4K feeds. What’s more, much of the industry has cold feet: They just got burned by 3D overhype, and even more equipment upgrades are likely on the horizon for 8K.

    But fittingly, the UFC is up for the 4K fight. By the time a 4K TV is in every home, the UFC wants to be a well-oiled 4K production machine.



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  • HIP56948 (3320 posts)
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    1. That type of professional equipment can cost some big bucks. This one is about

    … $128,000.00   (Without lens)