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This should be easy to solve, for

  • The Crone (3157 posts)
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    This should be easy to solve, for

    Anyone but me.

    My spouse and I share our computers. One big problem – both computers” like” him more than me. He is the acknowledged one. (It  is his name that is listed as the Admin, for instance.) If I go on either  computer after he has been on it, I have to log out of Facebook, log out of various other accounts, and  of course then re-sign in under my name to use those social media outlets..

    I have no problem logging out of Facebook, or Twitter,  and then re-signing in. But I am stymied as to how to log out of Youtube.

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  • notesdev (1726 posts)
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    1. Use a different broswer than he does

    if he uses Firefox, you use Chrome. Or vice versa. Or use Safari, Opera, Brave, etc.

  • dreamnightwind (1474 posts)
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    2. What kind of computer?

    On Windows machines you can setup separate users, then either log off and log on to the other user, or you can leave his user logged in but switch to your user. This ought to solve all of the issues you mentioned.

    To log off of YouTube, you sign out of your Google account (I do this from a browser by going to Google.com and signing out.

    If you have a Mac, someone else will need to help you. I have Linux Mint on one machine here and I’m pretty sure it also allows user switching.

  • ConcernedCanuk (894 posts)
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    3. On win7 I have 3 users – my own

    Which NO ONE gets to use except myself – 

    DAVE – that’s mine . . . 

    NEW – which is for a new person using my computer, 

    and GUEST – for those that have used it before and are familiar with my machine.

    I can sign out, with windows open, logged in on FB, hotmail, JPR, whatever – let someone else iin as GUEST or NEW – and return to mine – everything is as I left it.

    Just get ur hubby to make a new “user” – for yourself – you’ll create your own password, and you will never have to login on those sites again – best remember to sign out of the user then, so hubby don’t accidentally close ur windows.


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    • relgire (27 posts)
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      4. Be wary of Windows 10

      When you add user accounts in Windows 10, it tries hard to get you to sign up with, or create a new Microsoft online account. That’s fine if you want it, but you don’t have to do it. Just look for the subtle links in the configuration dialogs that allow you to set up the account for the local machine. In fact, check out: http://www.howtogeek.com/226540/how-to-create-a-new-local-user-account-in-windows-10/