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Unable to block email in Hotmail, any ideas?

  • Paper Roses (369 posts)
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    Unable to block email in Hotmail, any ideas?

    For the past few months, I have been receiving even more junk email on my Hotmail account. I am now receiving  more email, all of it is junk. (I use another account for important stuff).

    I block as much as I can but as I block , I’m getting the message, “This action can not be performed because the senders address (whatever it is) is not valid”.

    How do I cope with this and why is there no way to block these ‘address is not valid’? Any idea? Seems to me that MS should be on top of this baloney!

    Any advice would be appreciated.

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  • Cleita (2784 posts)
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    1. There are two unsubscribe buttons. One is from the email sender itself.

    The other is from MS. You have to search the emails for the links. I usually do both. It still takes a few  emails to kick in. Then send them to the junk folder and that will get future emails from the sender  into the junk folder and out of sight until they are blocked.