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  • Babel 17 (2198 posts)
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    1. I see the wavey blobs as well. But no virus warning

    I’m running an ad blocker though. Sometimes websites are tricked into allowing shady ads/amateurish ransomware attempts. They think they made a deal with a reputable outfit, but either the outfit isn’t reputable, or they themselves were tricked/negligent, and they bundled something nasty in. It happens.

    • PADemD (779 posts)
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      2. Wavy Blobs

      I didn’t get the virus warning until I opened the LATimes web page.

      • Hobbit709 (1553 posts)
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        3. Blobs yes, virus warning no.

        I won't shut up and I don't waste my time teaching pigs to sing
      • Babel 17 (2198 posts)
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        4. Not after visiting the link either

        It can be a variable thing with nasty ads as afaik they get used in a rotation, and quickly expire. The manager of the website usually has no idea as the ads come packaged by someone else, and the site will deal with several bundlers of ads.