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What am I doing wrong on Imgur? Pics won't post half the time.

  • madfloridian (2111 posts)
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    What am I doing wrong on Imgur? Pics won't post half the time.

    Sometimes they will, mostly they won’t.  I copy paste, drag and drop, open a new window for the picture, then try again.   Only the link shows here.  Any ideas?

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  • Hobbit709 (3276 posts)
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    1. I think the problem lies with imgur.

    Other people have reported the same.

    I have a problem with photobucket, sometimes a video posts and other times it only shows a link to the video.

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  • MattSh (460 posts)
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    2. Have you tried this?

    Have you tried clicking on the insert image icon (highlighted) and pasting in the image URL?  When other things don’t work, that seems to work for me.  Make sure the image address ends with .jpg or .png or .gif.

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  • Babel 17 (3773 posts)
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    3. How tweaked is your browser?

    I had to dial back the automatic deleting of history and cookies upon browser close in order for some sites to work properly. And at times Adblock Plus has to be disabled.

    Here’s what I do. I have Windows 10, which comes with Microsoft’s Edge browser. I have not modified it in any way. If Firefox gives me any issues on a website, I test the site using Edge. If a site also gives Microsoft’s latest and greatest a problem, I then think the issue is with the site. If not, I start adjusting my Firefox browser for use with the site, or resign to only using Edge with it.

    Edge is listed under Apps, or you can just type in Edge in Search. Its shortcut might already be on your desktop.

    If you’re not on Windows 10, this strategy should also work with Internet Explorer, a fine browser. There are other browsers, like Opera, but you’d have to install one of them. What I’m proposing is just using what one already has.

  • Eggar (2094 posts)
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    4. I sent you a

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    JIC imgur gets wind of the process and somehow thwarts the method – I have seen it done elsewhere. Also take note of what MattSh said. I sometime have to do that too, but mainly when I fall to my slow 2g periods :(