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When I pick up links ….

  • Greenwich (1758 posts)
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    When I pick up links ….

    to store an article on my computer — (NOT FAV’s) … but info on articles which I store in folders…

    my computer/or the various websites keep converting the links to script.  (In many cases, not all.)

    Is there any way to stop that?

    Today, I had to pass on a whole bunch of links to someone and because of this I had to continue to open one website after another and pick up the actual link to pass on — eventually I lost my post and then it took me more than an hour to find the person/post which was asking for the info.  Very annoying.

    OK — so it’s annoying for me — but does anyone know how to avoid this stupidity?


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  • Eggar (2045 posts)
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    1. You may wish to use a simple ascii text editor

    Like Notepad in lieu of a heavy format loaded down program like word or such.


    I copy clipped the link to this thread.

    Now I open notepad, paste (CTRL – V) or rmb paste or menu – edit paste… however you like your paste. Then save. Add to as you wish. Depending on your browser, some (like a FF user can simply turn on their bookmark toolbar and you then can create folders & subfolders, drag the url into any of the folder headings for later use as well. A good way to get you handy menus back in a lot of browsers it to hit the ‘alt’ key (temporarily brings menu back), view, toolbar, ‘show menubar’ to permanently show the handy menu-bar.  I never knew why browsers opted to hide the handy old menubar

    • madfloridian (1993 posts)
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      3. One Note keeps the links live if you use the first option.

      When you go to Paste,  seems there are 3 options.  The first one saves the links intact.

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  • Mnpaul (1396 posts)
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    2. Save them in a rich text document

    .rtf instead of .doc assuming you are on Windows. It should be on your right click menu.

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  • Babel 17 (3154 posts)
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    4. Are you talking about trying to copy a link from a google search?

    That’s what I get after searching for “jackpine radicals”, and then right clicking on the link to this site, and choosing “Copy Link Location”. It’s always been that way for me, and it’s annoying.