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Zwave Zigbee

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    Zwave Zigbee

    Learning about protocols. Wading through mud. Right now I’m about half retired. Work 2-3 part days a week doing mostly what I want and being annoying. Helps having a FIGMO attitude.

    Anyway, in looking for my next awesome career choice I was looking at my ADT controller. Hmm. Might be interesting.

    Some security systems use Z-Wave (ADT, Guardian). I believe Xfinity uses Zigbee. It’s like back in the early LAN days. Then there’s Nest which hasn’t been embraced by the security folks. Kinda like your cousins kid who plays with matches when they visit. Lots of jockeying for position with no standard emerging yet. Exactly like the early LAN days.

    And lo and behold, X10 is still around. I hadn’t seen it in forever.

    As I’m studying, I’ve found an overlap into the Internet of Things (IoT). Those people are working in the other direction. Hmm, more intriguing. They’re going to bump heads. Soon. As an example, Kwikset locks use Z-Wave. And the IoT and security bump right there. IoT will support either primary protocol.

    As to the potential job: The idea of a being a home security consultant might be a good sideline. Coincides with the low number of hours I really want to work. I noticed in my dealing with ADT that they had an install tech who was good at his job (like an electrician is great at running wires and installing stuff) and a salesperson who was great at selling (like the lighting store people),

    but there was this gaping hole for design options. Just like the electrical layout. Yeah, that’s a great fixture and just what fits my needs and I know the electrician will do an awesome job putting it and the switch in,

    but where’s the best place for the fixture and switch? Based on my experience, neither of those “experts” will get it right. Hel, as far as lighting, neither one mentioned the idea about lighting having 3 different purposes. I had to learn that on my own. As well as home wiring.

    And don’t even think about communications. In this house I had to install outlets to make a place for the modem and router that fit my needs. And even then the optimum spot is accessible but too dam difficult to get to.

    So I was considering learning about it and then looking to get a parttime, low wage job at a security company. Especially since it looks like the security people are backing into the smart home stuff. BTW, I think the smart home people are all gadgetry. So thrilled about adding all this subsidiary stuff that they lose track of why they’re there. Like phone app people. Or the car people.

    BTW, in my foray into the SDKs for the Smart Home, Z-Wave, the stuff is less than fun. Whoever those people are who did this spent way too much time in the academic arguments about coding and way too little time actually doing work. Wading thru 20 pages of defs and objects before getting to the real code and then seeing the exact same code in different places with objects that are identical except for naming.

    Might make that college prof just poop himself in delight but only some H1B would put up with it. No wonder we need a gazillion megabytes to run programs. Weed out the shit and the thing would fit on a commodore.

    Fun. I’ll be in the big money in no time.

    I got nobody else to talk to about this so you guys are it. Feel free to point at the gaffs.

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    1. re: I got nobody else to talk to about this so you guys are it

    [off topic]

    some good post substance in other subforums. thank you.

    [on topic]

    > Weed out the shit and the thing would fit on a commodore.

    64kb or so always brings a chuckle. thanks again.

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    2. Alarm service technician

    I am interested in learning about the security system. I am a graduate in computer application and I am thinking of doing a course on being an alarm service technician ( I hope that it will be interesting. Do you know anyone who works as an alarm service technician? I would like to get your suggestions on this.